One Hot Mama! Emma Willis Reveals How She Stays Sassy When She’s Expecting

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The secret is training while you’re pregnant to get you in shape way before you give birth. Being 40 and pregnant with my third child, it’s no surprise that the cellulite on my legs got out of control. When even my mum noticed it, I knew I had to get a trainer.

Boxing twice a week is my new thing. That, and the 45-minute HIIT classes I do in my garage at home. It’s like a normal class but less full on – well, when you’re pregnant there are some things you just can’t do! If those 10 squats take longer than 30 seconds, so be it.


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Nov 3, 2016 at 7:20am PDT

I stole my little boy’s name from a woman at baby yoga. The baby next to be was called Ace so I nicked it. Baby yoga is definitely the one – the babies get an hour of pampering and you get to lie there, relax and pretend you’re a Zen goddess for a change.


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Jan 6, 2017 at 5:45am PST

Maternity exercise wear is totally a thing. If i wear H&M’s black leggings with one of M&S’s printed sports bras, I actually look good and everything’s strapped down. If I’m not feeling so hot, I’ll steal one of my husband Matt’s t-shirts and whack that on over it. I’m already pregnant, I don’t need to feel even more uncomfortable!

I wore high heels all the time when I was presenting Big Brother. But I was only wearing them for an hour and a half in total! Most women work bloody hard when they’re pregnant, so I think I can handle one day a week wearing heels.


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Jan 22, 2016 at 12:50pm PST

I’ll have a green juice but I won’t be drinking wheatgrass any time soon. Matt is obsessed with making protein shakes in our Nutribullet but to be honest I’d rather just have a banana. Thankfully the only food I crave is oranges, although I have to take folic acid supplements to balance out all the sugar I eat. Biscuits, chocolate, cakes and sugar are what I can’t get enough of.


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Sep 9, 2016 at 12:34am PDT

Putting pressure on yourself to be too thin after having kids is unrealistic. You’ve just gone through labour, you’re breastfeeding and you’re trying to look after a tiny human being, it takes you nine months to grow a baby so you need at least that to get back to normal.

Matt shaves my legs for me. When you’re pregnant you can’t even see your feet so it’s impossible to shave your own leg. And I won’t go into labour without shaving everything. Legs, armpits, you name it – if my feet aren’t pedicured and my legs aren’t done with my Venus Swirl razor. I feel a bit gross!


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Mar 8, 2016 at 4:06am PST


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