Quinoa Hair products that will make your Luscious Locks Look

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Quinoa is the secret superfood ingredient that beauty brands can't get enough of

Quinoa (pronounced? ‘Keen-wah’) is the go-to gluten-free superfood that any health fanatic eats on a daily basis, but this grain is good for more than just a salad pimped-out. Quinoa may actually take the hair from poor to phwoar, thanks to some rather powerful amino acids, proteins and minerals.

brands hair can not get enough of quinoa at the time, squeezing in shampoo, styling creams and serums, and trust us, there are some good reasons why this wardrobe staple made the move for your furniture bathroom. Quinoa contains more protein than any other grain or seed, which keeps your scalp and hair nourished from the inside – it’s all about something called humectants (a scientific name for moisturizers). This food is vital for the growth of longer locks, so if you are growing out a pixie-crop, quinoa could be the essential ingredient for you.

A particular protein hydrolysates can also seal split ends until the next trip to the hairdressers, passing the cuticle of your hair and get right inside the hair to stop breakage and fragility. Vitamin E can be found in quinoa also keeps the hair on the head, rather than in your brush, balancing natural oils that resist tangles. This may not be the end of Tangle Teezer, but every little bit helps, right?

Those of you who try to return to the natural hair color, quinoa to your every request. One of the amino acids of quinoa called tyrosine is responsible for pigmentation and hair color, so slathering on some shampoo quinoa could get back to your original color – if you can remember what it is.

dandruff Embarrassing? Yes, quinoa can handle that too. Minerals such as calcium, iron and phosphorus seal that all-important moisture in your scalp, fighting dryness and flaking.

If long, healthy hair is what you are aiming for (well, duh), we’ve rounded up six of the best hair products quinoa you can buy now.

Verdi people, Quinoa and artichokes Shampoo and Conditioner £ 14.95

Paul Mitchell, last color repair shampoo, conditioner and Triple Rescue Spray £ 7.75

Rahua, massive Shampoo , £ 27

Aveda, Damage Remedy Intensive Restructuring £ 29.50

Kebelo, last Revitalizing Masque £ 13.95

Boots BOTANY intensely moisturizing shampoo £ 3.49


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