Short hair I do not care! How do 1 Bob Into 5 impressive (and easy to do) Hairstyles

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Sienna and Jessica know how to work their bobs more than one way.

So you went to the cut and now we ‘re on panic what to do with it. It ‘s too short for the fail-safe’ throw in a sandwich ‘, but you can not bring yourself to tong for hours to get that wave perfect set all the A-listers seem to reach. Fear not, there is another way.

Just because you have a bob, that’s no reason to get long hair FOMO. Beauty Assistant George Driver is on a mission to prove what they can do long hair, bob can do better. Five different hair styles in five days? Challenge accepted.

1. Beachy Wave

Perhaps the easiest look to achieve with a bob, it’s a simple case to avoid the dryer. After washing, allow the hair to air dry in a middle line. When dry, turn it over to a deep side part to obtain hair which has a volume, rather than a comb dubious above. If your hair is naturally wavy, you’re pretty neat, just rub a drop of smoothing cream in his hands and running through the lengths before spritzing with a pinch of salt or texturizing spray and scrunching. I am a fan of My Big Fat textured Hair Spray Super Lee Stafford, £ 9.49 for adding a matte finish and extra hold.

If you are lucky enough to have straight locks dead, some curls loosely tonged scattered at random will have a similar effect, just add the product later. Do not worry about getting the perfect look, this is all about keeping things loosey Goosey (and super easy). You just woke up like this, remember?

2. The Top Knot

This one’s pretty self-explanatory, but a great way to pretend that you have enough hair to tie in a bun and reach a similar vibration. I like working this when I want to add a slightly intimidated by a suit, or, alternatively, when I second day hair that just will not behave. Just make sure to put the lengths behind the ears and use hairspray to fix all of the clumsy baby hair in place.

3. Pin Back

Perfect for the hair a bit ‘dirty, the pin is again a great way to fake an elegant evening look. Just run your hands through your hair pulling away from your face and use kirby grip the pin at the base of the neck. If you feel super-bright, use the knobs kirby to create an effect of scale on each side of the head (like this) for hair accessories instants that seem intentional, it is not practical. As always end up with a good shot of hairspray to keep those pesky flyaways in place.

4. Twist

Ideal for those who are not confident with braids complicated, the twist is a super simple way to add a touch of 2015 Sienna Miller to bob. Start with a central line, then take a lock of hair from his forehead and twist your way back and slowly incorporating more hair. Pin the crown with an outlet Kirby and repeat on the other side. Et voila! Add flowers to a festival look pretty or use grips embellished kirby for an evening dress’ do.

5. Braid Ribbon

I’ll be honest, this is not the style easier to achieve , though, it has a more difficult than it is. E ‘essentially two French braids with a ribbon added to one of the three strands of hair. The key here is to weave to the outside instead of in, so you end up with the braid on top of your head instead of folded into it. Divide the hair into two along the center then in three like you’re doing a normal braid. Take your tape and tie it to one of the three sections and begin to weave out slowly integrating more and more hair (and tape), while working back along the head. Once you reach the lower pin with a socket Kirby and repeat on the other side. It ‘hard-working business with short hair, but I promise you that you can do.

I used a long ribbon uber for drama more (and pretend that I had a ponytail), but you can use a printed scarf, bandana, whatever you like. They ‘really nice, a great way to tame unruly hair and compliments are virtually guaranteed. Yay!


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