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Frenchie needed some advice on her next candy-coloured wig

When it comes to getting a spa treatment there is nothing worse than feeling completely unaware. Never fear, InStyle is here! We asked the experts, and the team of InStyle, for all their must-dos and certainly not to do when you go to the spa. Read up, ladies …

Lucy Pavia, Features Writer elderly
“Never sit on a bench turkish bath naked, always use a towel or wear pants!”

Jessica Hoffman, Caren Manicurist
“Better to do nothing is the fore a manicure. Do not try to clip or file, a professional will be able to do it better than you anyway. What matters is what to do next. Keep your nails hydrated with cuticle oil at least once a day and wear gloves when washing dishes. This will prolong the life manicure and keep enough until the next event. “

Susan Henderson, chief editor
“When you’re getting a massage, do not be afraid to ask if you are under the care of a man or a woman, the most important thing is that you’re at ease. “

Mathew Soobroy, Salon Manager Charles Worthington
” have realistic expectations of what can and can not be done with your hair (blonde Kim Kardashian reconstruction can not be done in an hour) and be honest with your tastes. Take all the photos with you for what you have in mind for the styles and / or color and not feel stupid for it! “

Robyn Kotze, Shopping Editor
” I always like to shave their armpits and legs and the shower before getting a massage, it does not seem rude. “

Abigail James, international make-up artist and treatment global ambassador for Liz Earle

” When you get a facial, take your mascara. No word etiquette but may take some time to completely remove mascara and really take the time to treat skin, you’re not paying for eye makeup removed! “

Clifton- Claire Coles, Picture Editor
” I can not bear awkward silences so when I get a bikini wax I always try to talk to the therapist, usually about something other than what is happening! Also, taking a paracetemol before going always helps with the pain! “

Mathew Soobroy, Salon Manager Charles Worthington
” When you get your hair cut, keep your head still – especially if you went to the living room with friends or your mom! Trying to cut or color your hair is difficult if you are constantly moving from side to chat. “

George driver, Beauty Assistant
” Never take a phone in a massage room with you, it is likely that the therapist will not appreciate your conversation WhatsApp. “

Paul Edmonds Paul Edmonds London

” We always love seeing photos, a Pinterest board is even better, especially if you are thinking about a big change for hair. “

James Harknett, Tanner Pro Away Spa at the W

” Wax 48 hours before getting a spray tan! This gives the remaining time of the wax to be washed off and the time for the pores to seal, avoiding the color guide to cling to the small open pores. Shaving can be done the day before. “

Viet Tran, Junior Designer
” Men should always wear shorts in a sauna, especially if it’s Tiered Seating! “

Ministry Of Waxing

” Most women worry about their hair too long for a wax and cut in advance, but the problem is that sometimes take that hair too short for us to be able to grab the hair and wax. Hair should be at least 6 mm in length, or a good two weeks growth from a previous shaving. The Ministry of Waxing we always trim our customers in advance with our scissors sterilized specialized bikini. “

Abigail James, international make-up artist and treatment global ambassador for Liz Earle

” Do not get a rap before coming to for the face, even if we do not put oil in your hair, you’re going to get a little ‘flattened by being covered and makes it much harder to massage the neck, back and shoulders carefully. After all the facial muscles dont end up on the cheeks that are attached to the scalp, neck and all around the tissues! “

Paul Edmonds Paul Edmonds London

” When you get your hair cut, get into the hall in what you might wear in everyday life, we need to measure your personality and what he does for you. No roll necks or big jumpers! “

Elise Hall, Acting Producing & Bookings Editor
” Before you get a spray tan I always like to polish and exfoliate my body so the tan does not comply with all dry patches. “

Clare Lodge, Head of Colour at Paul Edmonds London

” Before treatment of color, do not wash your hair ( within reason). May cause irritation to the scalp and if doing highlights we can not get as close to the root. “

James Harknett, Tanner Pro Away Spa at the W

” When you get a spray tan always ensure the turban or hair net does not cover all the skin on the forehead , look sun hat is a no no. “

Ministry Of Waxing
” You will need to remove your clothing skiing (yes underwear too), but will be given a towel to cover the area of ​​Brazil before treatment. If you are due for a wax during the period you can have a regular bikini wax, but for the sake of hygiene, and how you can be a bit ‘more sensitive at this time, it is better to wait until later for a Brazilian wax . “

With George driver


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