Steal Secret Rosie Huntington-Whiteley for his perfect Pout for Under £ 10

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Nab Rosie's perfect pout for under £10!

It ‘pretty much the most beautiful Brit to hit Hollywood and with major movie roles, her collection of lingerie and more than a few magazine covers under her belt, she is probably the most successful as well.

And let’s face it, we all want to know how to get that perfect pout. His secret? Do not believe it’s under £ 10 …

Tell us through your daily routine make-up …

‘I love make-up, but When I’m not working, I feel like me. I also do not want to spend ages getting ready, so I try to take only ten minutes to put my face up and out the door. I’ll keep some products in my bag, like mascara and bronzer, for quick touch-ups. I like a tinted moisturizer – my go-to is Laura Mercier, who has an SPF, £ 34 E ‘oil-free, which is good for my skin, because it can be capricious

[.. 1999004] I’m not a big person lipstick because I hate that you have to touch every five minutes. I stick to a lip balm colored instead, as Burt Bees, 6 pounds .

Burts Bees tinted lip balm

I like a cream blush and Stila make some of the best. I use the pots color convertible, £ 16 on the apples of the cheeks and lips, too. ‘

All the best advice you’ve learned from modeling?

‘contouring is the key. I learned how to do the job, but I’m a normal girl, so I found some excellent tutorials on YouTube. I take a large flat brush, suck my cheeks and I run the bronzer in the hollow cavities, until the temples, around the brow bone, along the jaw line and down the neck. Then I apply highlighter in the middle of my nose, along the cupid of time and under the arch of my forehead to accentuate these features.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

I like a lot of big, bold lashes, so I’ll use a black mascara and pile on the layers. For the day, I will continue to brown mascara, because it is a bit ‘more natural.

I take a checker everywhere with me. It works wonders to mask imperfections or whatever you want to touch and hide.

I’m a little ‘crazy eyebrows, then I will use only brow pencil Hourglass’, £ 26 to perfect form’.

Hourglass eyebrow pencil


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