Temporary Lip Fillers: Everything You Need To Know About The eight hours Pout Lip

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Kylie Jenner came out about having temporary lip fillers

Let’s face it, since Kylie Jenner came out of her lip fillers temporary (and for a while ‘before’ revealed ‘the truth), who were having a moment.

The last way to alter your appearance without the commitment to long-term, temporary fillers for lips are becoming as common as a pre-party in the fold. So when we heard of “lips Cinderella ‘, a treatment that promises to give a plumper pout that lasts only eight hours and for only £ 30, we had to know more.

we met with Dr. Harley Street David Jack aka the man who leads one day filler lip for the masses …

So what is “lips Cinderella ‘?

‘The procedure lips Cinderella is a way to estimate how much volume you would need if you were to have more treatments permanent filler. For example, if I was doing a consultation and someone was a little ‘uncertain about things, it’s a great way to test filler lip safely without having something permanently going to be there, in case you do not like the’ effect or if you feel it does not suit your face. The fluid to inject ‘lips Cinderella’ is different from permanent fillers so that it does not define also because the viscosity is different, but you can definitely get a good idea of ​​the volume increase. It ‘a good opportunity to put perhaps more volume to the lips to see how it looks without the long term commitment.’

How does it work?

‘The treatment itself is very similar to the treatment permanent filler in that it puts local anesthetic cream then leave it for about 10 or 15 minutes and then once the lips are numb, it would be a series of injections around the area of ​​the lips for injecting the liquid, usually 0.5 ml to 1 ml. I always inject the top and bottom to keep things in good proportion. The needle for “lips Cinderella ‘is really tiny so there is little risk of bleeding. After the procedure there will be some swelling, but this is sort of the point! Then in the next half hour going down and you is left with the lips larger. Then the liquid is injected is gradually reabsorbed by your body over a period of 8 hours. ‘

Cinderella lips

It’ safe ?!

‘Yes! The liquid is injected saline that is what gives hospital patients when they need liquids. It’ very safe and completely temporary. ‘

side effects?

‘No. Of course when you are injecting into the skin there is a risk of bleeding, but with a small needle so the risk is quite low . ‘

Who would you recommend’ lips Cinderella ‘at?

‘ Someone who is sure to fillers for lips, anyone thought, but they were not sure why they felt stories of side effects and lumps and stuff like that. I never wanted to send someone with a trout pout! ‘

There is an age limit?

‘ not not technically, but I tend to make people who are very young as your face is still developing. ‘

Have you ever prove yourself?

‘I do not think so! But I had several men who’ve tried it, men who are conscious of their lips. Fund male is on the rise and so I think it’s just a matter of time before filler lips are next. ‘

Any words of advice?

‘This is a job for a doctor or a qualified nurse and always with sterile saline solution, not tap water or anything like that! You’ve heard horror stories about people inject fat into their lips, but must be done by a trained professional also the simplest. ‘

“lips Cinderella” are £ 30 with Dr David Jack at 40 Harley Street

Cinderella lips


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