The Acne Diaries: Volume 2 Sort Out Your Sink

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July 5, 2015 at 00:53 PDT

So you’ve been to the dermatologist and find out what type of acne you have . But how to get rid of it? Before you start trying to solve the problem with the products, it is worth putting some thought into environmental issues that may have been aggravating your acne. I do not mean to environmental climate, I mean your immediate environment – your bathroom

First turn your attention to the tools of make-up .. Recent research from the line of beauty Superdrug B. revealed that in a survey of 2,000 women, 38% had never ever washed their makeup brushes! Only 4% of respondents cleaned their brushes daily – which means that the rest were blissfully unaware that bacteria from dirty makeup brushes are a common cause of acne. Wash your brushes every day sounds like a hassle, but launched a B. Spray Brush Cleaner (£ 4.99) -. It only takes a few seconds to use

If you prefer to wash your brushes with shampoo, make-up artist and pro Facebar London founder Nicola Fiveash recommends mixing in a bacteria fighting ingredient: “I like use a few drops of tea tree oil to clean my foundation and concealer brushes to give them added antibacterial qualities. “Make-up FX brand coverage also sell a Blemish Primer Brush (16 pounds). The bristles are treated with an antibacterial formula for an application corrector hygienic and to prevent unwanted bacteria to touch your acne.

Next try to optimize your shelf. “A major factor contributing to breakout involves the products you use on your skin and hair. Many cosmetic products – shampoo, conditioner, soap, make-up – are comedogenic, meaning that they are causing acne,” says dermatologist Dr. Lancer . Too many products comedogenic skin will cause additional stress so stick to the least possible

“Chuck out hard, toner drying -. There is no place for these in skin care routine of anyone, let alone you acne. They are inherently irritating and will make using therapeutically active acne treatments uphill in terms of tolerability, “advises dermatologist Dr Sam Bunting.

also throw off the soap bars and replace them with a liquid soap pump as Green People Antibacterial Hand Wash £ 10.99.

You bath needs to be a priority too. Wash your face cloths, muslins and diapers after each use. To save on loading a washing machine in every night to buy a package of seven muslin bamboo super soft from Aurelia Probiotic Skincare (18 pounds). Dr. Lancer also recommends changing your pillow case every few nights to eliminate bacteria trapped. “Avoid using fabric softeners too,” he warns. “In towels and sheets that can clog pores and cause irritation.”

Another recommendation of Dr. Bunting: Put your magnifying mirror in the trash “And one should not have to downright terrible. morale “.

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