Thinking of ditching Oil Face for the summer? Think Again …

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Don't ditch the face oil, it's your Summer skin saviour!

In the danger of sounding frighteningly like the daily chatter that you have with your bus driver, we are going to discuss the time. Is it just us or is it time English persistently embarrassing? Once the shots ‘great British summer’, it feels as if it were always or totally covered, but warmer than the sun, or super sunny but rain and more sultry than you can handle.

We can not figure out what to wear, let alone how to keep our skin young and brilliant, rather than post-sweaty commuters. So it is no surprise that once the summer successes, our skincare routine goes completely out the window.

Our solution? Oil Face. Stay with us, it really is your new savior summer skin. We caught up with the skin doctor and expert Dr. Terry Loong complexion on the face because the oil is the way forward for a perfect face …

Then, why is it still ok to use the oil in the face summer?

‘Everything depends on the formulation of the oil face, but in general, in the summer, hot weather, when you are in rooms with air conditioning or a dry, the skin becomes very dry easily and face oil helps prevent the loss of transepidermal water creating a natural protective barrier on the skin. I ‘best to choose formulations lighter in the summer, I like oils of The Body Shop’s life intensely Revitalizing Cream Gel. Another great way to incorporate into your skin care routine is to use a substance like their life intensely revitalizing oils Essence Lotion. ‘

But what if I took naturally oily skin, this certainly isn’ t going to be fine?

‘Depending on the face of the oil formulation, may be actually be calming, soothing and even provide the properties for the skin, which are beneficial anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial for oily skin in particular. A great facial oil for oily skin is Tea Tree Oil. ‘

Okay, we believe, but we’re not quite sure when we intended to use them …

‘ A great way to use oil face summer is to mix with water to create a light spritz that you can spray on your makeup to set or even in the office to maintain hydration for the skin. If you have air conditioning in the house or the weather is particularly dry, use a facial oil at night before going to sleep after you take your makeup off. You can be used alone or after sealing with a moisturizer. Oils Of Life by The Body Shop intensely revitalizing facial oil is great. ‘

All the best tips to make our job harder oil face?

‘mix a small drop of oil front with the foundation to create a smooth consistency for easy application and to give your skin a glowing, dewy look. ‘


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