Tres Chic Or Too 90s? Beauty Assistant George Driver Tries Brown Lipstick

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From Rachel Green and Whitney, to Kylie Jenner and Ri Ri, brown lipstick has officially stood the test of time. But is it one size fits all? Or are there some browns that are just too 90s? Beauty Assistant George Driver took the test…

1. Vampy Brown

More of a burgundy/red wine shade of brown, this is the one to go for when you want a change from your usual 'night on the town red lip'. Along the same lines as a berry lip, the key is to wear with confidence and commit.

I went for Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipstick in Black Cherry 477, £7.99 which looks super dark in the bullet but glides on as a slight mahogany based burgundy. Not too slick or too matte, this is an easy one to work at cocktails, just make sure you remember your straw. Ladies with smaller lips, beware of this one, the darker shade will only make your mouth look smaller.

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2. 90s Brown

We're talking your good old fashioned Gwen Stefani and Drew Barrymore circa '95 true brown lipstick. A trickier one to pull off these days as it's quite a strong day time look, there's still a lot of shades out there that are totally 2015 rather than throwback TLC.

My true brown of choice was NARS' Audacious Lipstick in Deborah, £24. Initially seduced by the sleek square packaging, this turned out to be my favourite shade of the whole bunch. Super chocolatey with more of a terracotta base than the picture implies, this is a statement lip of a new kind.

Worn with bare skin and a dash of mascara, this works with a shirt and jeans for brunch or with a slicked back bun and an LBD for an edgier take on a classic date look. To me, it feels more AW15 runway than 1995 MTV. Maybe just avoid the mom jeans and matching brown knit crop top.

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3. Kylie Jenner Brown

Perhaps not everyone's beauty icon, but I will say one thing for Miss Jenner, she knows how to work a brown lip. Much lighter than the previous shades, this brown is all about keeping things matte, casual and edible…? Yup, I call this the food group. Think shades of lipstick everywhere between tea, chocolate milk, toffee and butterscotch.

My choice? What I like to call the Pumpkin Spice Latte of lipsticks. A more orangey base than the other shades in this group, Sainsbury's Boutique Lipstick in That Ol' Chestnut (coming soon) wins the prize for Most Unexpected Brand Win and also Best Lipstick Name Ever. Soz Ruby Woo.

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Arguably not for everyone, I personally liked the matchy matchy vibe of this orange/brown lipstick and my hair. If, like most people, you don't have voluntarily ginger locks, opt for a lighter shade that works more as a brown-based nude and suits almost everyone. Just beware of a super matte finish – as the brown lipstick rule goes, the more matte, the more 90s. Or the more Kylie Jenner. You decide which is worse.

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4. The Brown Cop-out

Ok, not exactly a brown lipstick but, you know, baby steps. If you're a lover of a nude lip, these pink-based browns are the one for you.

Sort of like the camel coat of the lipstick world, slightly brown nudes are a failsafe look. Always classic, never over the top and just a bit better than nothing, this is the easy way to fake naturally pink lips. I went for Topshop's Lips In Mink, £8 which has a slight satin finish so won't dry your lips out and can be dabbed on with your finger for a more natural look.

If you're going for strong eye makeup, then this is the perfect lip shade that avoids looking OTT. I'll be wearing it with a white t shirt, culottes and matching rose gold eye shadow. But that's me…

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