VIDEO: The Red Eye-Shadow Look That Works IRL

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We first spottted this super, cool eye makeup look backstage Salvatore Ferregamo and Gucci during the SS17 collections. Since then it's not just Kristen, Cara and Kiera Knightly have been working those rusty tones on the red carpet. But the big question is: can you do a red smokey eye in real life and without looking like you’ve been slapped in the face, had a heavy night, or worse still, been crying your eyes out? Well so long as you stick to tones that work with your skin colour (we found a coppery colour that was way more flattering) and lay on a ton of the mascara, trust us, it can pretty much work for anyone.  

Check out the video below to see how to achieve your perfect copper smokey eye and follow the step by step gifs below!

1. Start with bare eyes and use a brown pencil eyeliner to outline your eyes. Go along the waterline as well as blending it just under the lower lash.

We used: Charlotte Tilbury ‘The Classic’ in Sophia, £16


2. Take a metallic copper eyeshadow and brush over the entire eyelid right up to the edge of your eye socket. If you go right up into the arch of your eye socket, it’ll make your eyes look way bigger. Blend the copper underneath your eye all the way along the lower lash line as well.

We used: Mac Coppering Eye Shadow, £13


3. Using the darker berry red eyeshadow draw a V shape from the outer edge of your lash line into the outer eye socket using an eyeshadow brush.

We used: Illamasqua Demise Palette (Interitus), £10.40

4. Blend, blend, and blend again! This is super important for a smoky eye. It may get a little messy so have a cotton bud on standby to clear up the edges.

5. In order to make your eyes pop, highlight the inner corners with a white/ golden eyeshadow. You can even use highlighter for this if you don’t have one of these shades.

We used: Illamasqua Demise Palette (Lost), £10.40


6. And finally, apply lots of mascara. This is a statement eye look so make sure the lashes match.

We used: Rimmel Extra Long Lash Mascara, £4.99

Super smouldering and so on trend for this season.  Mwah!


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