WATCH: Florrie On Bowl Cuts, Brows And Why She's Obsessed With By Terry Beauty

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‘I love eating the skin on chicken!’ exclaims Florrie excitedly. The ridiculously gorgeous (think Rosie H-W meets Taylor Swift with a dash of Meg White) drummer-turned-singer-songwriter is sitting opposite me, happily munching away on her lunch and enjoying it so much she feels the need to talk about it. Fresh off her tour with the super-cool Two Door Cinema Club, her insanely addictive new single is out this month (think Shake It 
Off-catchy). And, yep, she models too. Remember that Nina Ricci perfume ad with the Blondie track? That’s Florrie as well.

Hanging out at the local pub, listening to The Beautiful South, we caught up between photos to talk about bowl cuts, buying her first drum kit and why she’s obsessed with beauty YouTubers.

First thing – you’ve cut your hair short! What made you go for the chop?

‘When I was really young, I had a bowl cut. Everyone thought I was a boy so, since then, I’ve always had it long – until last year. I’d just recorded a new EP and I thought, “New song, new hair.” Now I love it and I can’t imagine growing it longer.’

Who’s your short-hair idol?

‘Alexa Chung – I don’t know how she gets that amazing tousled look. When mine was long, it was a nightmare unless I spent ages styling it, 
and that’s just not me. I’m a “wake up in the morning, have 20 minutes to go” kind of person. Now it’s short, I like that it’s got a bit of an edge.’

What about today’s looks? Any you’d have a go at?

‘I love the 1920s wave. I’ve only worn my hair like that a couple of times, and never when it was this short. It felt very sophisticated, which is different from my usual “chuck it up in a bun” look!’

Are you as relaxed about your beauty routine?

‘I’ve got a solid skincare routine, as I’m prone to breakouts. I use a Liz Earle cleanser and I always take my make-up off before going to bed. Then I use Kiehl’s Facial Fuel, which is actually a men’s moisturiser, and I always give myself a little face massage when I wake up in the morning.’

Would you say you’re a make-up pro?

‘No! I think make-up artists are generally really good artists and I was never good at art. I watch a lot of Niomi Smart and Lisa Eldridge tutorials, and I did a gig with loads of YouTubers and got really into it. Tutorials, like how to sculpt your face with bronzer, really inspire me.’

What’s your biggest beauty faux pas?

‘Probably the time I crimped my hair for 
a gig and brushed it out – it went like an Afro!
I forgot to wash it, so it became all matted 
and impossible to get out. I ended up spending quite a lot of time in the shower and had to put 
a whole bottle of conditioner on it. I don’t 
think I’ll try that again.’

Give us your best beauty advice…

‘My mum always said, “Never touch your eyebrows,” so I never have. I’m a bit funny about them now. I’ve used the same MAC eyebrow pencil for ever and I’ve never plucked them myself. I’m terrified of doing it!’

How did you get into drumming?

‘I started drumming when I was seven. I was on holiday with my family, saw someone playing drums in a little restaurant and became obsessed. I eventually got a tiny kit from Toys 
R Us. When I was older, I started doing 
session drumming with a studio called Xenomania, which is how I came to play with Girls Aloud and get into singing.

What’s your guilty pleasure, music-wise?

‘I definitely like a little bit of Peter Andre’s Mysterious Girl in the morning. Who doesn’t?’

Check out the rest of Florrie's beauty shoot in the October issue out NOW!


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