WATCH: Halloween How To – 3 Scarily Awesome Makeup Looks You NEED To Try

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(l-r) Unzipped Zombie Bride, Mexican Sugar Skull, Harley Quinn

When the super talented women from Pinewood Studios (aka James Bond and Harry Potter's shoot location) ask you if you're up for being transformed with face paint for Halloween by their Iver Academy makeup artists, well, you don't say no.

Always up for testing what we're selling, we took on the challenge to show you how you can rock three totally impressive Halloween looks that you can actually achieve at home. Bring on the step by step!

2015's Comic Book Character – Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad

Last year it was all about Maleficent, but this the comic book costume du jour is Suicide Squad's Harley Quinn aka Margot Robbie. Here's how it's done…

The Kit:

Pale foundation, white Kryolan grease paint, dark brown eyebrow pencil, blue eyeshadow, red eyeshadow, black eyeliner, fake eyelashes, red lipliner, red lipstick, red and grey grease paint, fake blood, red and blue ribbon, red and blue BLEACH hair chalks.

1. Mix super pale foundation with white water-based face paint and apply all over the face. Don't forget the ears and down the neck! Face paint always looks better when you commit to the look!

2. Draw in your eyebrows using a dark brown pencil or shadow.

3. Apply blue eyeshadow on one eye and red on the other, roughly buffing it in and taking it under the eye as much as on the lid, smudging it down onto cheekbones.

TOP TIP: Avoid water-based white face paint, it'll dry and crumble off throughout the night. USe grease paint instead.

4. Use a black eyeliner pencil and apply a rough line top and bottom, smudging it out almost like a smokey eye.

5. Blend more red and blue on each eye over the eyeliner to create a grubby look.

6. Rough it up even more by using a sponge in dirty red and grey grease paints and dabbing it on top of the eyeshadow before adding more black eyeliner.

7. Apply false eyelashes.

8. Using grey face paint mixed with black paint on a small heart on your cheek for Harley's tattoo.

9. Draw on red lips using a red lipliner and fill in with red lipstick before using a brush to smudge it down one side of the bottom lip.

10. Add extra fake blood to the bottom lip and sponge randomly on the cheeks, collarbone and forehead to look like scratches and scars.

11. Tie your hair in high bunchies on the side of your head and tie using red and blue ribbons.

12. Colour the ends of your hair using wash out red and blue hair chalks from BLEACH.

James Bond 'Spectre' Style Mexican Sugar Skull

The prettiest way to entirely cover your face in skeleton makeup, this Day Of The Dead look is taken straight from this year's Bond movie and involves more than a few stick on jewels, which means it's right up our alley. Get the look…

The Kit:

White eyeliner, white Kryolan grease paint, black face paint, black eyeshadow, purple pigment eyeshadow, red Kryolan grease paint, red stick on jewels (you can get these, and others, from Hobbycraft), eyelash glue, fake eyelashes, white stick on jewels, blue stick on jewels, glitter eyshadow, purple Kryolan grease paint, blue Kryolan grease paint.

1. Use a white eyeliner to map out circles around your eyes and a triangle around the nose. Check they're symmetrical!

2. Paint in the rest of your face with the white grease paint, avoiding the eyes and nose and down to the jawline over your lips.

3. Colour in the eyes and nose in black grease paint.

4. Press purple pigment eyeshadow over the top of the black around the eyes to add dimension.

TOP TIP: Fake blood looks even better when it's super shiny – mix together regular glycerine from Boots and water and spray on to get the look!

5. Use the red grease paint to draw on small semi circles all around the outside of each eye.

6. Apply red jewels on top of the semi circles and stick using eyelash glue and apply the false eyelashes.

7. Paint a thin black line horizontally from the bottom of your ear across your lips to the other side to create the mouth. Thicken the line up slightly on the centre of the lips.

8. Use a small flat fan brush vertically and black grease paint to add in the teeth, applying one line around a tooth's width away from the next on top and underneath the black mouth line.

9. Use black eyeshadow and a small brush to create a Y shape on each tooth line to create a more natural curved tooth shape.

10. Use the same shadow and create a c shape around the black line from your temples to draw in the jaw bone where the teeth end.

11. Take the greasepaint and draw a spider web on your forehead, starting with the point between your eyebrows and up and out towards your hairline.

12. Press glitter into the inside of each web section and stick on jewels throughout the web.

13. Paint a small half flower on your chin using the purple and blue grease paints and apply a jewel to the base.

14. Paint a vertical line down your neck and horizontal lines across it with white grease paint so it looks like your spine.

15. Using the black grease paint, colour in around the white spine and up around your ears to finish the look.

The Actually Quite Pretty Unzipped Zombie Bride

If you're going for a look that says, 'I'm totally into Halloween but that doesn't mean I can't look good' then this is the perfect alternative to that slutty bumble bee costume lurking in your cupboard. Have a go…

The Kit:

A zip (you can get these from amazon that are ready for face paint), white eyeliner, white Kryolan grease paint, pale foundation, purple eyeshadow, highlighter powder, pink eyeshadow, brown eye pencil, false eyelashes, black grease paint, black eyeliner pencil, purple lipstick, black stick on gems, spirit gum, Simulated Skin Effects by Makeup International, a hairdryer, a hair pin, dark red grease paint, red lipliner, fake blood, glycerine and water mix.

1.  Map out the section where the zip will go using a white eyeliner to draw a V around one eye and up to the hairline.

2. Mix pale foundation with white grease paint and apply all over your face avoiding the V section.

3. It's time to contour! Using a blusher brush and purple eyeshadow, shade under cheekbones, down the jawbone and in the hollows by your temples.

4. Use highlighter powder on the top of the cheekbones to add extra sheen.

5. Pencil in your non-zip eyebrow in dark brown keeping it neat and preened.

6. Apply purple eyeshadow to the non-zip eye and take it up to the eyebrow, out to the side and under to the bottom lid for a dramatic look. Blend in pink eyeshadow around the edges to add extra dimension.

7. Using black grease paint, draw on a liquid eyeliner style flick, extending it out dramatically towards your temple. This will create the top of the spider web.

8. Draw in the rest of the web using the top line as a guide. You can always curve this down the face so it looks a bit creepier and it helps to cover any slightly wonky lines! Stick on black jewels with spirit gum to each section of the web.

9. Apply black eyeliner pencil to your waterline on the purple eye only and apply one false eyelash.

10. Line your lips with the black eyeliner pencil relatively thickly.

11. Go over with purple lipstick (the lovely Faith used M.A.C Violetta) and rub your lips together to create an ombre effect.

12. Paint the back of the zip and the white eyeliner V on your face with spirit gum and stick the zip on, pushing it into the contours of your face. Hold it here for a minute or two to let the gum bond so the zip doesn't fall off.

13. Line your zip eye with red lipliner and blend out slightly with a brush.

14. Fill in the V section of skin with Simulated Skin Effects gel, dabbing it on in layers. Between each layer dry the gel with a hairdryer. Roughly three layers should do. This will create a raw skin texture.

15. Once it's dry, take a hair pin and lightly pick at the gel on your skin to make it look like its peeling a little.

16. Apply a mix of black and dark red grease paints with a brush in different areas all over so it looks like raw skin.

17. Add fake blood to add gooeyness and create a stickier, more realistic texture.

18. Spray with the glycerine and water mix to add shine.

Massive thanks to the lovely and incredibly talented ladies Faith, Charlotte and Svetlana from the Iver Academy who kindly created our spooky looks.

Check out more of their work at and their instagram @iver_academy


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