WATCH: How To Do Candy Cane Eyeliner (And Out Sass Everyone At Xmas)

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Possibly the sweetest (and most festive) beauty trend we’ve come across this year (and trust us, there were some crazy ones), candy cane eyeliner is officially our new Youtube tutorial obsession. From ever so slightly OTT looks like this one, to so glittery it's insane (check out this guy), candy cane eyeliner is taking over our feeds in a big way. Not that we're complaining – when makeup is this cute we're fully on board.

Which is why #Georgetown took it on herself to show you how to nail the look in the easiest five steps of all time. No Instagram fakery here, this is how to do candy cane eyeliner IRL. Because let’s be honest, more Christmas is more. Fact.

Check out the video above and the ever so helpful guide below for how to nail the look step by step and out sass everyone else at Christmas.

1. Start with bare eyes and use a white liquid liner to create a cat eye flick. Go a little thicker than you usually would so there’s room to draw the candy cane stripes on.

We used… Urban Decay Razor Sharp Liquid Eyeliner in Bump, £16

TOP TIP: Apply mascara at the end as some of the white liquid liner may get on your lashes which means you’ll just have to re-mascara them all over again.

2. Take a red liquid lipstick (red liquid liners are pretty few and far between) and using an angled lip or eyeliner brush draw slightly diagonal stripes onto the white liner.

We used… MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lip Colour in Feels So Grand, £17.50

3. Use the white liner to neaten the edges of the red stripes for a super crisp finish.

4. Take a green liquid eyeliner (Christmas tree coloured, if you will) and draw along your lower lash line.

We used… Urban Decay Razor Sharp Liquid Eyeliner in Kush, £16

5. Finish with mascara on top and bottom and lashes and you’re done.

Super sweet and seriously festive eyeliner to help you embrace your inner elf.


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