WATCH: How To Nail Alexa Chung’s Fashion Awards Waves

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Our forever bob inspiration, Alexa Chung’s hair is always at the top of our Pinterest boards giving us serious #hairgoals. So when she cracked out an envy-inducing super sleek and retro chic wavy ‘do at last week’s Fashion Awards, we knew our 2016 party hairstyle had arrived.

Whether you’ve got a cool girl shoulder length bob or longer locks, this uber glossy A-list wave suits literally everyone and immediately transforms that basic little black dress into an ultra edgy old Hollywood showstopper. Yup, it’s that good.

Here’s how to nail Alexa’s red-carpet worthy waves (and have the best party hair in the room) courtesy of Georgetown…

1. The key to Alexa’s sharp look is a super neat side parting. So swap that centre parting over ASAP.

2. Time to get curling. A narrow tong is key for a tight curl and a kinky wave (cheeky). Tong section by section, starting at the bottom until you look like Goldilocks met the 80s. Yes, it looks a little mental but trust, it’ll all work out just fabulous darling.

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3. Spray with hairspray and leave to set. The secret to waves that last from emails to downing cocktails is letting the curls cool to room temperature. So be patient and trawl Instagram for 10 minutes.

4. Now the curls have cooled, it’s time to brush them out into looser waves.

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5. Tuck your hair behind your ears on both sides and spritz with hairspray again. Use the hairspray can to smooth down any flyaways for an ultra polished finish.

Et voila! Alexa Chung’s super chic Fashion Awards hairstyle and your go-to party look that’ll make Angela in accounts green with envy.


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