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Wet hair look was a huge trend for SS15 raise anywhere from Balmain to Zac Posen, and is also a fave celeb with Kate Bosworth and of course, Kim Kardashian.

The best thing? And ‘the day easier to evening look ever. Taking less than ten minutes, actually works better when you have not had time to wash your hair, perfect for those last-minute after-work drinks. Here’s how …

1. Start with dry hair that is a little ‘dirty, this will help add texture and hold for more than clean hair. If you have curly hair, blowdrying straight before you begin will help to create a more elegant look that works best for this. We do not want a wet perm people.

2. comb away from your face to get rid of any knots and to create shape.

3. Forget gel, we’re not trying to sound like a thirteen year old boy with a tuft. Behind the scenes of the shows, the pros used leave-in conditioner to create a slick look less viscosity. Any leave in conditioner will work, we love Keratin Treatment Rehab by Richard Ward, £ 5.99 because It’ss really nice and thick. Rub a blob in his hands and run through your hair pulling away from your face. Keep adding the product until you have a goal that you like

TOP TIP :. If, like us, you do not have three hours to sit around wearing a hair mask, do this look at the beginning of the day, not only does it look awesome, but for the moment you leave the office will be your hair super hydrated thanks to the air conditioner. Win Win.

4. comb through check you’ve got the goal that you like, pulling a bit ‘way through the lengths that blends the air conditioner. Tuck sides behind the ears and use the comb and hands to slick which in contact with the head.

5. Now we need to set the look. The conditioner is great for creating slick, but to prevent it from falling as the day goes on, you’re gonna need hairspray. Spritz mainly on the roots with less to the lengths as you need more to keep up. Hold the spray distance to prevent it from becoming too crispy. Comb through and count to ten let it set

TOP TIP :. For a more androgynous look keep hair flat to the head or to the full of glam, bump up the back and sides to give extra volume.

6 . Hairspray can sometimes leave a matte finish, if you want to look ultra wet, spritz in a spray shine. Et voila! Hair backward in less than ten minutes.


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