We Recreated Gwen Stefani's Most Iconic Beauty Looks With Her Own Urban Decay Palette

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Nailing the 90s brown lipstick meets spiritual bindi guru look, this is original No Doubt Gwen at 200%. Top knots? Check. Super thin brows and brick coloured lips? Check. Face jewels and bindi? Triple check. Just add parachute pants, an oversized coat and a whole lot of attitude.

Shades Used?

'Danger' blue across eyelids

'Punk' brown for the bindis

Wearability? (DISCLAIMER: Obviously Gwen looks on point 24/7, this rating is for how wearable her epic looks are for mere mortals, including moi).

2/5 I looked a little like a TLC wannabe and the office were more entertained than impressed with my new look.


Pink hair meets pink eyes, the queen of pop turns punk in one fell swoop. Continuing her addiction to that brown lipstick and appropriately thin 90s brows, Gwen's upped the ante with bright pink locks, a too short fringe and matchy matchy pink eyeshadow.

Shades Used?

'Blonde' across eyelids

'Harajuku' pink winged across the top of eyelids


3/5 Without the matching bubblegum 'do I was pretty into trying a pink eyeshadow, perhaps just not with brown lipstick and pencil thin brows.


Noughties Gwen has officially arrived (usually with a hoard of Harajuku girls in tow). Rocking her signature over the top winged eye, platinum quiff (surely the sole reason they had a comeback?) and red lip, Gwen's nailing her iconic chola meets gangsta meets retro pinup look. Sidenote: Check her cheeky use of beauty spots. Well why have one when you can have three?

Shades Used?

'Pop' over eyelids

'Steady' blended into the crease of the eye

'Blackout' used wet to form a cat flick and beauty spots


3/5 In all honesty, I looked more street walker than Grammy stage performer, but I maintain you have to be a unicorn to pull off gold hoops without looking hoochie. Back to the eye makeup… A winged eye is always welcome in my books and I might start trying to make beauty spots happen. Like fetch, but way more successful.


Boom! Red carpet Gwen is smoking hot. A smouldering eye, candy pink lips that go over the line and curls that say edgy not frumpy complete Gwen's chameleon-esque beauty looks. And the brows are back! Welcome to 2011 friends, we missed you.

Shades Used?

'Serious' smudged around the eye

'Blackout' to line eyes and blended into eyelids


4/5 A smokey eye isn't exactly a game changer but smudging the shadow all around the eye made for more drama. Candy pink lips might be a little much, but swap it for a nude or blush shade and we're in business. I'm just sad my hair couldn't be bigger…

Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette, £40


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