Beauty TLC: The Top Tips For Healing Stressed Skin, Nails And Hair, Straight From The Shows

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Backstage at Stella McCartney SS16

Interestingly it is not until the very end of Paris Fashion Week that we start to pick up some of the best skincare and haircare tips.  The models have by now done just short of four weeks worth of shows (for some that means 3 or 4 hair and makeup changes a day) and the condition of their hair, nails and skin can only be described as battered.  This is when the magic happens, this is when makeup artists pull out all the skincare stops to smooth heal and coax skin back into life- something we can really learn from.

At the Stella McCartney show the look was super fresh and natural with healthy skin and light clean hair. As the sleepy models traipsed in at 7am it became apparent that some extra care would need to be taken by the pros…

Addison Cain, Sunday Riley Skincare:
"If the girl has especially dry skin we're cleansing with the Blue Moon Tranquility Cleansing Balm, which launches in the UK tomorrow.  The makeup artists at some shows now even come and ask us for extra of this product as it's soothing and really good at removing eye makeup – Lucia Pieroni is a big fan."  The balm is especially beneficial for stressed out dry skin apparently because it contains Neroli and Blue Tansy – the azuline in blue tansy soothes skin irritation and neroli has an uplifting aromatherapy effect- literally a backstage HERO.

Sunday Riley Blue Moon Cleansing Balm
Pat McGrath, make-up artist:
"We carry a lot of Dr and Dermatologist skincare products in our kits for this time in the season and I use everything that is perfume free. You have to keep things quite basic; you can't really have creams that have too much in them as girls can get allergies.  You can't have anything with too many oils or perfume or anything weird like that. Then sometimes under the eyes we'll use an SKII Mask for fatigue. We also used beige eyeliner inside the eyes to brighten them at this time in the morning!"

Backstage at Stella McCartney SS16

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Eugene Souleiman, Hairstylist for Wella Professional
"We have washed each girl's hair as we want to keep the hair really fresh and really light. We're also doing Wella SP Masks on the hair.  The hair texture is in a bad place by the time they get to Paris because they have done a month of shows.  The challenge really is to get their hair back to looking good because it's been battered.  I think a hair mask is a really good thing to do to girls at this time in the morning rather than stepping straight in with a blowdry- I like to keep the process as positive and as tortureless as possible."

Backstage at Stella McCartney SS16

Madeline Poole, Global Colour Amabassador At Sally Hansen:
"We're giving the models full pedicures and foot massages today- there is a lot more attention to nail care at this stage in the month than anything else.  By now the models have dry skin from flying and many of them have been over manicured from all the other shows so we try not to clip anything or nip anything."

Sally Hansen nails at Stella McCartney SS16

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