Beautycon Landed in London – Oh My Vlog, here’s what you missed

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Beautycon London launched at Dirty Bones bar in Kensington

Beautycon launched in Olympia this Bank Holiday weekend in London, across the pond alone LA to bring together bloggers and vloggers from both countries the opportunity to share cocktails, photo and beauty tips. The guest list included some of the best beauty bloggers from the scene of the United Kingdom; we also need to introduce Sammi from Beauty Crush , Lily Pebbles , Fleur de Force and Niomi intelligent And while the British got to meet some of their home-grown heroes YouTube, vloggers Americans Teala Dunn , Amy Pham , Claire Marshall and Tanner Zagarino (YouTubers males Beautycon love too!) has brought their US fans over with them.

Vloggers debate various issues affecting the online community

Subscribers of all ages flocked to meet their idols on screen, your iPhone to hand Tweet, Instagram and snapchat their way through Beautycon London. Many of the brands in Beautycon offered free wifi to keep followers connected, exchanging even free products and samples of tweets and Instagram mentions. Gift bag was seriously impressive too, if you were lucky enough to get one! Bloggers are encouraged selfies and social media, vlogging the audience from the stage and organize meet-ups and hang-out with traffic jams all over the place.

Fans queue to meet their blogging idols at Beautycon London

Fans take selfies with Canadian Essie Button

Everyone from mothers to pre-teens were desperate to meet these Vlogging stars, but InStyle were granted exclusive access to the launch party of Beautycon to Dirty Bones Kensington. We caught up with these fab four of cocktails and hot dogs …

Fleur de force
Can you give us a ‘preview of your favorite May Long Wear Cream Eyeshadow of Bobbi Brown in Golden Bronze, Gucci has make-up formulas incredible (especially the blush!), Revlon enamels, especially gel Envy – any excuse not to reshape the nails! I also like the Mascara ciate Triple Shot. I am traveling a lot for my book tour right now so I’m sticking points! I found my second favorite perfume so, the Jo Malone Dark Amber for the summer.

What was your best moment so far blogging? Interviewing Taylor Swift for 2012! I’m not a big follower celeb, so she is probably the only one where I’ve been a fan since the beginning. It ‘was just me and her and we kind of just had a chat, but then I had a freak out because I thought my dictaphone app did not work! I told her that I did on YouTube and she told me that she was a fan of my video and recognized me! I thought you just said, but she was like ‘no, no I recognize you!’.

What are you most excited for Beautycon London? To be on a panel, as it is a bit ‘different from the normal thing of YouTube. It ‘all about creating content to suit your followers and different people. I’m also doing a meet-up, so I’m excited to meet my fans!

What would you do if you were not a vlogger? Realistically, the marketing, but it could be anything, then I’d be a dog walker, a crazy dog ‚Äč‚Äčlady, or even work in a hotel dog!

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May 23, 2015 at 08:29 PDT

Victoria InTheFrow
What products will be making their way into your favorites in May? I use Mary Lou Luminiser at the bar, and the foundation Illamasqua is my favorite main, I have really come to this.

What was the best moment of the race so far InTheFrow probably get to go to Japan with Contiki, the Australian travel company!

What more eager to Beautycon in London? I look forward to meeting a lot of American bloggers.

If you could have any other vlogging different career, what would it be? A professional poker player, although I do not play poker!

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May 23, 2015 at 02:49 PDT

Leanne Lim Walker
What was the moment more ‘exciting YouTube of your career so far? I have been on two different television commercials, one for Boohoo and the other is that Schwarzkopf did my hair color

What excites you more than Beautycon London people Surely meetings.?; my fans and followers, as well as other YouTubers. There are people here that I watch all the time and want to go and take a selfie say hey! I’m excited to put faces to names, and not just see people as numbers.

If you could be a vlogger, what would you do? I would be a fashion photographer.

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May 23, 2015 09 : 48 PDT


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