Best Cleansers Find The Perfect One For Your Skin Type

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29 Jan 2018
by: Madeleine Spencer

Finding the right cleanser can feel like a minefield, but after years and years of grilling dermatologists and facialists, we are armed with a huge list of brilliant buys – and this advice: find something that doesn’t leave your skin feeling tight or irritated, and use it right.

That second bit is crucial – possibly more so than the actual formula you use. You want to be applying your cleanser to skin in firm, circular strokes, making sure you don’t forget your jawline and hairline, or drag at the area around your eyes – basically, get it everywhere, evenly. Then take a clean flannel, soak it in warm water, wring it out, and slide it across your face, taking the cleanser and make-up/the day’s dirt with it.

Now do it a second time. Why? Because if you’ve ever run a cotton pad across skin that’s been cleansed and found that there’s still a bit of dirt or make-up there, you’ll know that humans are fallible and that cleansing once doesn’t always quite grab everything. Plus Caroline Hirons, she of our expert column and of much, MUCH skin knowledge, says so.

In the morning, do it once. If you prefer a simple splash off affair, go for something more lightweight that doesn’t require the flannel – but beware of lots of foaming – that usually means sulfates and sulfates mean dryness and compromised barrier function. Also, the morning would be a good opportunity to use cold water instead for a refreshing mini hit of cryotherapy. 

In terms of picking one, we rate all the below – but you’ll have to pick based on how your skin behaves. We’d recommend an oil/balm cleanser for anyone with dry skin that needs all the softening and cosseting, something creamy for anyone with a more easily-ruffled complexion (though beware of essential oils in the mix if that’s you – they can also irritate), and a gentle, wash-off cleanser as a morning or alternative second cleanse option… 


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