Best Concealer 12Formulas For A Filter-Free Flawless Complexion

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20 Mar 2018
by: Madeleine Spencer

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Concealers are an actual make-up bag must, for covering-up those pesky signs of tiredness and troublesome skin. We’ve tested the best and picked the top 10

Concealer needs to be pretty much the most reliable thing in our make-up bags. They’re our (not so) secret weapons for covering up those pesky signs of tiredness and troublesome skin, enabling us to create a filter-free flawless look (even when we feel far from it).

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There are two things you need from your concealer: 

The ability to cover dark circles around the eyes and to camouflage bad skin. Often the best under eye concealer for dark circles and the best concealer for blemishes is not the same thing, so definitely aim to have more than one in your make-up bag. As the one product we will consistently use, day in and day out, we only want the best of the best. That’s why we’ve tried and tested loads (and constantly) to find the top 10.

First thing’s first; if you’re trying to hide a heavy night, eye bags or dark circles with an under eye concealer, a light, reflective formula is what you’re looking for. One shade lighter than your skin is a good bet to create a wide-awake look without reverse panda eyes.

If it’s a bothersome blemish or scarring you want to hide, look for a more highly-pigmented formula. That doesn’t mean cakey — just match the shade to your skin and apply it sparingly, and layer as required over your (optional) best foundation.

Whichever the end result, you want a formula that stays put all day long and doesn’t enhance any skin texture. To avoid that annoying thing where it collects in the fine lines around your eye, dust a translucent powder over the top of the concealer to set it without making it dull.

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Nowadays there’s so many different types of applicators that you can choose the perfect one for your lifestyle, whether you favour on-the-go touch-ups or a morning preening routine. For a bespoke concealer recommendation, tell clever new beauty site Powder your skin tone, type, budget and what you want to cover up and they’ll let you know what product you should be adding to your shopping list – easy!

The InStyle beauty team have tested what the cover-up world has to offer and come up with the 10 best concealers, their fail-safe favourites for every budget – from MAC to Maybelline.

With different textures and applicators (including handy concealer palettes) from powders to super soft creams, there’s one to suit everyone so you can feel confident and have Instagram-ready skin all day, every day…



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