Best Face Oils The 12You Need To Get Your Glow On

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31 Jan 2018
by: Madeleine Spencer

Face oils have often been maligned in the past as a source of greasiness or acne, but nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, some skins can’t tolerate oils – or some particular oils – but almost all skin types will benefit immensely from the addition of a good quality oil. 

On dry skin, for example, they can provide the surface comfort while dropping goodness into the skin and will also replace lost moisture, helping to treat surface dryness over time. On dehydrated skin, oils can help to balance and reinforce a weakened barrier function that allows water to evaporate from the skin into the atmosphere. And don’t feel you need to steer clear if you suffer from acne; oils will reduce redness and scarring, while softening the surface of the skin aka allowing the plug of sebum to make its way out the skin with more ease. 

The best thing of all about oils? That they’re hugely versatile. Apply them directly to freshly-cleansed skin in the evening and give yourself a little facial massage to supercharge skin, use under a serum or SPF in the morning to help lock moisture into your skin for that bit longer, or add a couple of drops to your foundation or BB cream to sheer it out and make your skin look luminous. 

Unsure of which one to buy? Start with the basics: you want an oil that is cold-pressed (meaning none of the ingredients have been heated, which ruins their efficacy), and look for good quality oils that are extracted from fruits, flowers, vegetables or plants – basically, apply the principles you’d apply to the oil you’d drizzle on a salad to your face oil. Also, test your skin – everyone responds differently to skincare to do a little patch test and see if your skin loves that particular oil. Here’s our edit of some favourites:


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