Best Foundation For Dry Skin 10 To Help You Achieve A Flawless Finish

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9 May 2017
by: Madeleine Spencer

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We’ve found the best foundations for dry skin – for every budget, to help you on your way to a flawless finish…

Finding the perfect foundation for your skin type can be tricky at the best of times – there are so many finishes and formulas on the market now that navigating them is a huge challenge. Throw dryness into the mix, and finding the right one for you can become a quagmire.

The issues when applying foundation to dry skin are multiple: from a caked finish to exacerbating flaking skin to emphasising patches of dryness and fine lines, put the wrong foundation on it, and you can end up making things look a whole lot worse – and end up feeling self-conscious while out and about as a result.

Enter this guide, in which you’ll find the best foundations for dry skin with a whole range of different coverages and finishes for every budget. None of them will end up making your face feel tight or be slurped up by your skin after a day’s wear, we promise.

Once you’ve selected your base, try playing with the finish by applying a primer before you put your foundation on, or by adding a layer of serum to up the luminosity of your skin. Also, if you favour a BB cream or a CC cream during the day because the idea of a fuller base makes you nervous, try swiping one of the foundations onto patches that need a little more coverage, and then build it up where you need extra.

Another key factor in keeping your skin juicy while wearing a foundation is the atmosphere – even the most moisturising of formulas won’t hold its own when under air conditioning or out on a wind-whipped walk. To top up your moisture levels if you’re facing drying air conditions, spritz on a hydrating face mist at intervals and tap serum on top of your base to revive it.

And now to our edit of the best foundations for dry skin…


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