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2 Mar 2018
by: Madeleine Spencer

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From no-clumps and lash-lengthening to separating and volumising, the mascara buzzwords make us feel stressed before we’ve even started. Shop the best and get beauty team tips in our round-up of the best…

Mascara is one of the hardest beauty products to buy. When faced with shelves and shelves of different wands and formulas promising to make your lashes longer, fatter, more voluminous and basically a much better and more beefy version of themselves, the choice can simply be overwhelming and the urge to stick to the same old formula you’ve been using since you were 16 is very tempting indeed.

It is also, annoyingly, one of those ‘can’t live without’ products,’ the thing that we wouldn’t leave the house without, the product that ties a look together neatly and makes eyes pop. A smoky eye without a lick of mascara just doesn’t look right, while even the most natural beachy look of glowing skin and a layer of gloss is given oomph and definition courtesy of the black stuff.

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To help you pick a mascara that’ll work for you, we’ve pulled together this guide of our tried-and-tested best mascaras. You’ll find ones that do a bit of everything, and those that are geared towards more specific niggles. Or, try out this match-making mascara quiz to find the best mascara for your eyes only.

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Once you’ve chosen your weapon, remember the mascara rules. First, never pump the wand in and out of the tube – doing so will introduce air into the mascara paste and dry it out more quickly. Next, when you apply, the easiest way to coat a lash properly is to start right at the roots and gently wiggle up to the end of the lash. If you find you have too much on the ends, just pinch them gently to remove any excess.

Final pro tip? Don’t be afraid to use different mascaras all on the one eye of lashes – try using waterproof mascara on lower lashes if you find you often end up with smudges under your eyes, and grab a lengthening wand to use on outer lash corners for a little extra flutter.  

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