Best Tinted Moisturiser 11Formulas For A Natural But Flawless Complexion

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23 Mar 2018
by: Madeleine Spencer

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For those who want their skin to look like skin, but better…

Often seen as a beauty essential strictly limited to summer and tropical getaways, tinted moisturiser can actually be exactly what your skin is crying out for during the harsh winter months. While foundation on dry skin can stick to flaky patches, its tinted sister will nourish and give a much-needed glow to exhausted skin, evening out that wind-chapped redness. In the spring and autumn months, it’s a foolproof way to perfect skin while it’s adjusting to seasonal shifts.

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The reason for it being so great year-round? Tinted moisturiser is literally like an Instagram filter in a tube. Anyone who feels like foundation is just too much should reach for this wonder product as their go-to coverage for every day. If you pick the right one, it can be a total all-rounder: many have SPF protection, skincare properties, and most importantly, deliver a shot of moisture  to your skin in a way foundation struggles to. If you’ve never really experimented with this type of base and would like some guidance, these are our dos and don’ts…

DO play around with coverage. Despite the age of Kar-Jenners and Insta beauty gurus, minimal make-up is sought after now more than ever – but don’t feel like one layer of tinted moisturiser is your limit. If you feel like you want more coverage, then blend another layer into your skin, or add foundation where needed, until you’re happy with the result. 

DON’T be afraid to mix and match. Just because your eyes or lips are bringing some drama, don’t feel like you absolutely need a full-on base. Keep a daytime statement lip looking fresh by pairing it with a tinted moisturiser to let those freckles shine through, or mix it with a dab of concealer to pat over any areas that need a little boost.

DO touch it up. Tinted moisturiser is so much sheerer than foundation, so it’s more forgiving. Come that midday top-up, a tinted formula will blend seamlessly over the morning’s leftovers, whereas layering fresh foundation over old only ends in a caky disaster. 

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Once you find that tinted moisturiser that’s the one true match for your skin, you’d better buy a couple in case the dreaded D-word happens (that’s discontinued in case you didn’t twig). We’ve tried and tested a lot, and here are the ones we simply can’t live without…


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