Black Panther Pwhar Michael B. Jordan On The Undies Underneath His Cat Suit

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by: Josh Newis-Smith
15 Feb 2018

Michael B Jordan is set to become the crush of 2018 and that doesn’t stop at the visuals, as our Fashion and Celebrity Director, Josh Newis-Smith found out…

Meeting Michael B. Jordan is an overwhelming experience in SO many ways. Most notably because the night before the interview I watched him swagger around the screen in Marvel’s Black Panther, practically naked for two hours. When he wasn’t skin to the wind, Michael was wearing a figure-enhancing suit, as all good Marvel characters should. Time well spent, I am sure you will agree.

The thirty-one year old – who made his name playing Rocky Balboa’s protégée in Creed – takes the lead in the latest Marvel money-maker playing Killmonger who is hungry for power in the fictional African state of Wakanda. But in the hands of Michael this isn’t just another Superhero villain. Killmonger isn’t evil for the sake of it, he’s troubled and complex and Jordan brings that to life with considerable force.

This is exactly why Michael B Jordan isn’t just a visual crush, he’s a thinking person’s fancy. Just as I discovered (after ignoring the internal thoughts) when I spoke to the actor about building his legacy, respecting his power as a role model and just how you can transfer a bit of Marvel magic into your everyday life…

“I want people to watch Black Panther and start to understand differences. There’s a conversation to be had about understanding each other and having an open mind. There are a lot of messages and themes going on in this film with politics, history, culture, power and ruling and if someone can relate to one of those things hopefully someone could take something positive away from this project.”

“I am fighting for my legacy. Being in front of the camera and being an actor comes with it a sense of responsibility. The kids are the next generation. They are the ones who look up to us and who we can inspire – they will want to be like us and emulate us. We need to be responsible with that position and pick projects that say something in a smart way – that is something I fight for also.”

“We had a little bit of help in the costume department when it comes to the body. There is definitely a muscle suit underneath there – no one is that chiseled! If you want a bit of super hero magic in real life and you are fighting for justice I think you need something black. It’s chic. Black goes with everything! So that means you can maneuver in any situation, too!”

“With underwear for a cat suit it’s a choice of boxers or briefs… who knows! Typically there is a onsie underneath, that you have to wear with those suits so it’s universal across the board.”

Watch the video above to see Michael B Jordan educate Joshington Hosts on being a superhero IRL.

Black Panther is in cinemas now.


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