Bring to a Katy Perry Cupping Back. But what is it exactly?

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Katy Perry

cupping. It is so 2004. Since Ms. Paltrow consciously coupled with some, uh, cups over a decade ago (and presented the results in a low-cut dress), celebrities seemed to be clamoring to follow his example and get sucked in. But how many alternative therapies adopted by the A-List, the trend for cupping seemed to fade up photos of Katy Perry baring (Dotty) soles appeared last week. So what exactly is it and how does it work?

Cupping (a form of acupuncture) has in fact been practiced for thousands of years and is based on the concept that the suction from the cups helps to mobilize the blood, lymph and energy (or qi) around the body. “Cupping is primarily used to stimulate the tissue and blood stagnation that can manifest as pain, congestion or swelling and can also be used for detoxification and rid the body of pathogens such as viruses,” says Ross Acupuncturist Barr. This is typically the lighting of a flammable substance inside a glass beaker until it turns off after which the cup is then placed on the affected area until the cooling air creates a vacuum that pulls the skin towards the ‘high, helping to increase the flow of blood and remove toxins.

You can feel a bit ‘strange and marks left afterwards generally lasts between two days and two weeks, but it is not painful and if Gwyneth is something that “we feels amazing and it is also very relaxing. “

Our take? It may not be the treatment that you opt for before debuting a slinky backless number, but with a growing number of anecdotal evidence to support its effectiveness in dealing with arthritis and congestion in the lungs (too many swear by its ability to stimulate the immune system and reduce cellulite) is one that will suck this summer.


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