Bubble Masks Are They Even Worth the Hype We Investigate

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by: Ava Welsing-Kitcher
30 Jun 2017

Keeping tabs on the latest skincare trends is no easy feat – we’re still trying to wrap our heads around viral spot-popping, let alone grits (Google it). Bubble masks have been on the Western world’s scene for a short while, hailing from South Korea and shaking up a skincare storm. Just #bubblemask on Instagram generates 11k posts from users documenting their bubble-tastic journeys.

So, how do these bubble masks even work? Upon contact with air, the fruit acids foam up, oxygenate and infuse your skin with a nice cocktail of skin-loving ingredients, with charcoal and oxygen as the front-runners, which are meant to cleanse pores, and soften and hydrate skin (hello, hyaluronic acid).

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The most famous bubble mask is probably the Elizavecca Milky Piggy one, which we struggled to get our hands on. Instead, we opted for three bubble sheet masks at different price points. Our verdict? For all of them, the bubbles are definitely doing something, but because the fruit acids bubble up when exposed to air, most of the action was happening on the outer layer, with not much going on in between face and mask. Nevertheless, our skin felt refreshed and clear like we’d used a vigorous cleanser, rather than having that sticky and loaded feeling that often comes with the more hydrating sheet mask variety of mask.

skin republic



This one is super-affordable, so it’s perfect if you don’t really want to splurge on trends. Activated charcoal eliminates impurities, and the soft foam actually exfoliates and refines your skin. 7.5/10

sanctuary spa



Our digital ed loved this one as a bedtime ritual – the charcoal left her skin feeling refreshed and squeaky clean, as well as seriously soft. 8/10


£48 for 8


Launching in August, this one’s designed to both detox and oxygenate your skin, this sheet mask unveils skin that literally feels like the bubbles have sucked all the gunk and oil up. My combination skin felt uncomfortably tight afterwards, so this is probably one for all the oily kids. 7/10


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