But Who Plays The Poo A Who's Who OfThe Emoji Movie

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24 Jul 2017

Thought emojis were so 2016? Think again! The Emoji Movie is landing on our screens on Friday 4th August 2017 and, despite his insane Shakespeare training and a Knighthood, Patrick Stewart is playing the poo emoji. Yes. Really. I can feel William turning in his grave!

Ahead of the release here is a rundown of The Emoji Movie cast…

Patrick Stewart is the voice of the poo emoji

The poo emoji has never seemed like such a well-rounded character… that is one seriously deep and meaningful poo, people!

James Corden is the voice of the Hi-5 emoji

Is there anything James can’t do? He sings, he dance, he acts, he presents and he delivers the ultimate hi-five… all I can say is… goals.

Sofia Vergara is the voice of the Flamenca

Never has a Hollywood casting decision seemed so apt! Expect a tonne of clicking fingers and sashays in an onscreen sass-explosion.

Christina Aguilera is the voice of Akiko Glitter

Alas, Christina isn’t playing a genie in a bottle but they have rubbed together a new emoji character for the singer: Introducing Akiko Glitter. Complete with pink hair, an early noughties mic head set, a metallic crop top and hipster trousers, the character is testament to Christina’s hey-day. Who doesn’t love a throwback moment?

Jennifer Coolidge is the voice of Mary Meh

Stifler’s Mom, and pioneer of the Legally Blonde ‘bend and snap’, is back on the big screen in the form of the crazy happy Mary Meh. Welcome back, honey!

Anna Faris is the voice of the Jailbreak emoji

Playing the badass female character in the film is Anna Faris. Complete with a beanie hat (indie kid on toast), Mrs Chris Pratt is set to kick some feminist power into the animated film.

Sean Hayes is the voice of the Devil emoji

Ahead of his Will and Grace comeback playing the infamous Just Jack, Sean Hayes will bring his ‘extra’ personality to the Devil emoji. Oh BURN!

‘The Emoji Movie’ is released in the UK on Friday 4th August 2017.


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