Can a rainbow Hairbrush really end plates Hair Days

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hair -? And ‘the area where more generally equals better and we are always looking for new ways to inflate our blocks for just-stepped-out-of-the-salon volume levels. So when we heard of a hair brush that claimed to “give your hair maximum volume and fullness with the use only once a day,” we knew we had to give it a try.

What is this miracle worker of a brush, and how does it fulfill its promises high? Well, the instrument in question is rainbow Volume Brush Eye Candy (12 pounds and plastic bristles sinuous S-shaped are the secret behind its properties by increasing volume, as they create air pockets in the hair for a relaunch rap and boost hair flat. This is the question in each case. The reality?

As limp hair long-suffering, Acting Assistant Beauty Caterina Scala gave the brush of a test-drive to see if it would live up to the hype. Here’s the before and after:

 photo Catherine Scale GIF hair brush_zpszvtqbi7f.gif

The verdict: “I was skeptical that a hairbrush that looked like it was made for a Bratz doll would have no impact on my hair as it is so long, which means it is easily weighed down. However, I was pleasantly surprised as it did make a difference for my braids usually flat. Using reminded me of blowing up a deflated balloon, was a bit ‘surreal found that the volume added actually been made. I like that I can get bigger hair without relying on a good dose of mousse or hairspray.. It ‘s something I definitely keep in my handbag from now to pull on your hair throughout the day “

Say: Not bad for a quick scan of a hairbrush [1,999,005. ]


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