Cannes You Work French Beauty When You're A Brit?

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Bon Nuit Bon Matin

‘It’s that classic morning-after make-up,’ says Naoko Scintu, make-up artist for L’Oréal Paris, who applied black kohl all around the eye, before smudging it with a brush (fingers work even better). For hair, it’s all about that Bardot bedhead texture. ‘It's that dry, two-day-old texture,’ says L’Oréal Paris UK styling ambassador and session stylist extraordinaire Syd Hayes.

‘Apply a texture spray, then use a large barrel tong randomly all over, and finish by brushing over and over with a Mason Pearson.’ 

Merry Beret

Redcurrants and russets – not necessarily the colour palettes one would immediately associate with les yeux, but then French girls know that grey is so passé. ‘Mix a rust-red eyeshadow with a bit of grease to make it feel lived-in,’ says Scintu. ‘The key to making it wearable is to keep the colour to the upper eyelid, so that you don’t risk looking tired.’

Team with a simple braid. ‘It doesn’t feel as forced as an updo, as it’s essentially still keeping the hair down,’ says Hayes.

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Hint Of A Glint

French girls don’t do shimmer, and they definitely don’t do frosted. But they do glitter. If the mood takes them, that is – say in the back of a taxi on their way to a party in the 11th arondissement or off to the red carpet at Cannes. ‘Keep the glitter to the inner corners of the eyes,’ says Scintu. ‘Adding lightness to this area, even with a highlighter, helps to open up the eyes.

The key is to keep the skin feeling natural with just one coat of mascara for definition.’ Combine with a lash-skimming fringe and a dash of je ne sais quoi.

Rouge Noir Lips

‘This deep-red mouth is more of a stain than a “done” lip,’ says Scintu. ‘It feels more innate than painted on, and it’s easy to do.’ Start by applying the lipstick to the back of your hand (adjust the colour according to your skin tone), then use your fingers to press it onto the lips.

‘People tend to see red and think “updo”, but that can feel a bit dated at this time of year,’ says Hayes. ‘So this is where a cut comes into its own – the most modern shape being one-length hair that just grazes the collarbone.’

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