Chasing The Perfect Red Lippie? You should read before …

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Not all red lipsticks are made equal. Done. But when you’re looking for a perfect red how do you sort the good from the bad, when there are so many different shades out there ?!

swatching lipsticks on the back of the hands is not going to cut it, but luckily for us (and you) know the secret to finding one that completely works with your coloring. This is everything from the nuances of your skin, hair and eye color. Yes, these little things really make a big difference in choosing a lipstick.

But when it is finally committed to a tube and parted with your money it turns out that was not the one for you. And then said the lipstick, you’ve wasted hours (and pounds) looking for is thrown to the back of your project make-up while you silently curse on-staff that convinced you to buy it.

sound familiar? Do not worry, ladies buy beauty and bad lipsticks swatching on the back of the hands is about to become no more than a distant memory messy. Meet Powder , our sister site beauty that will help you on your way to a perfect red pout. You want to know how? Of course you do …

Brought to you by the major publishers of beauty ‘in Marie Claire, InStyle and Look, this new beauty brand site is a modification of the absolute best that skincare and make-up has to offer . E ‘smart (and quickly) sorts through these beauty products and then gives you a personal recommendation to suit your needs and skin beauty and best of all your bank account * cheers loudly * .

If you’re after a red lipstick for the next night or a concealer that will really hide those dark circles, they will find the best for you. And it’s pretty simple, all you have to do is subscription (it’s free!) answer some questions about yourself beauty and within seconds you will be combined with a product.

In addition it is also completely tailored to you; with tips and tricks from beauty experts to help you make the most of your new beauty discovery. Now you can find the perfect red lipstick for you without the need of investigating miles of aisles of beauty. Ladies, say goodbye to swatching and hello to a life of beauty happiness …


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