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4 Dec 2017

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Step away from the bath bombs, we’ve got the chic answer to all your Christmas present dilemmas.

Christmas gifts are an annual stress. It’s only October and trees and lights are popping all over the place. We give it a week before hearing the first Christmas song playing in a shop. 

Come December, while the more organised among us are snipping the ribbons of their Instagrammably wrapped up gifts into perfect points, the majority of people are still scrolling through endless pages of potential presents and checking for the ‘next day delivery’ option.

Whether you’re buying presents for work pals, family members, or your BFFs, it can can all be a it of a ‘mare. So, step away from the bath bombs, we’ve got the chic answer to all your present dilemmas.

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As we all know, buying clothing is a risky business, so, unless it’s a failsafe Bella Freud jumper, it’s best avoided. There’s nothing that’ll make a Christmas awks like a size mess-up. Real rookie error. 

Altogether safer areas are cardholders, scarfs, stationary, make-up and hair products… We’ve actually put together a little guide to the best Christmas makeup gift sets, beauty advent calendars and secret Santa gift ideas if you’re looking for more inspiration. Remember, if you’d want it, but probably wouldn’t buy it for yourself, chances are they will too.

There are people who are easy to please – just the gesture is basically enough – then there are the people who, erm, are slightly more demanding. If you’re looking for somebody in particular, we’ve got a number of edits of the best Christmas gifts ideas for mum, Christmas gift ideas for dad and Christmas gift ideas for him. (You’re welcome.)

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Fashion people can be a bit tricksy. You truly can’t go wrong with a box of matches or a candle. Forget their rep for being boring — give someone a Diptyque candle and they’ll love you forever.

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Same goes for ‘something nice for the house’ — the Preen cushion in our below edit will go down well, we guarantee. 

So, get your Christmas jumper on and get those presents sorted with our brilliant Christmas gift guide below…


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