Clumpy mascara? Yes Thanks! (You’ve heard it here first)

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Backstage image of model with clumpy mascara winking

was a little ‘sixties, a little’ Living Doll ‘(a term coined makeup maestro Tom Pecheux backstage at Altuzarra) and very Oct. In essence, the tendency to take home, when it comes to lashes this SS15 is go big or go home. The key? Forget everything you’ve been told (that have spaces in their bags to make-up for eyelashes combs anyway?).

From “doll with a sick mind” in Altuzara for make-up doll artist Lucia Pieroni “cute, but a bit ‘strange’ at Rochas, the central theme included profusion of eyelashes together against skin ‘ real ‘. Behind the scenes the technique of choice was to add a layer of mascara, (we love SEVENTEEN Falsifeye HD mascara, £ 4.99 ), wait. Add another. Wait. (You see where this is going?). Some shows added a whopping 20 levels, accumulating the mascara using the tip of the wand and combing through each layer with a mascara brush dry, or, in some cases (and please be careful when trying to recreate at home!), Using the tip of a safety pin.
“I wanted it to look when children first get your hands on mascara,” disclosed makeup artist extraordinaire Gorden Espinet backstage of the show DSquared2. “My direction for my team was ‘when you feel as if you put too much mascara go ahead and add another three layers!’. After all, mascara is a product make-up as if you do it wrong is right again -. More is more “Another trick behind the scenes to add oomph to what Mother Nature gave you is to apply a layer of mascara as usual, then add a little ‘of translucent powder over the top before re-apply another coat of mascara – a super-easy to hack those Twiggy-esque mega-lashes. Just make sure to keep your complexion look fresh and natural as possible to avoid any connotation dolly when it comes to real-day rather than the track (we love SkinCeuticals Mineral Radiance UV Defense SPF50, £ 39 .)
So mascara wands ready girls -. it’s time to turn up the volume

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