Couples That Body Pump Together Stay Together….

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Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel working out in New York

Victoria and David Beckham have been snapped doing it, Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso are avid enthusiasts and Justin Timerlake and Jessica Biel are always at it. We’re talking of course about the celeb trend for working out à deux – in theory the ideal way of fine-tuning your abs as well as your relationship. But is dragging your other half to Zumba really the best way to get the most from your work-out? We speak to Lee Mullins, founder of and personal trainer to the stars, for his expert view;

David and Victoria Beckham emerge from SoulCycle

Mr (and Mrs) Motivator
“The pros for working out together is increased accountability and motivation,” says Lee. “Having a training partner not only makes it harder to skip workouts, but it also helps you keep to a healthy diet if both of you are doing the same. Research has shown that 94% of couples stick to their training programs when they train together."

Training tiffs
“The flipside to exercising as a couple is that it highlights each other’s weaknesses. If you're at the beginning of your relationship, you may not feel comfortable highlighting any failings you may have to your partner.
There’s also the issue of spending too much time together – for many couples, working out is the one time of the day where they can switch off and have some ‘me' time."

Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso working out

Couple classes
“There are certain classes and training methods that are well-suited to working out together, even if your fitness levels are slightly mis-matched – the key is to make sure you choose one where the intensity level can be easily adjusted to the individual. TRX classes for example are great for couples as the difficulty of exercises on the TRX can be varied based on body position, which makes it perfect for couples who may have different strength abilities.
Yoga is another good option as it doesn't matter what sex you are or what your training goals are, it's great for everyone."

Great Flex
“Most of us don't stretch enough, and partner-assisted stretching can be quite physical and intimate, making this the perfect type of exercise to do with your other half. Partner-assisted hamstring and glute stretches are two stretches we all need to do more of.”


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