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Daisy Lowe
You might not have muddy fields to deal with, but planting in the middle of the desert of Colorado and there is still the dilemma of how to look good on the minimum sleep and shower ops limited to contend with (as well as the odd sandstorm). We caught up with Daisy at last year’s Coachella to show us how it’s done.
Comfort is everything
“My style advice is always to wear what you feel comfortable in. I’m coming to Coachella for six years and although definitely get dressed very differently from other festival – everyone here seems like they’re in a Hollywood movie with all the maxi dresses and black – if you do not feel comfortable you’re going to end up feeling miserable. It ‘s definitely my favorite holiday to come apart Glastonbury mainly because of the weather, but also because you can go home and shower and come back looking much better than if I had slept in a tent! “
light Pack (ish)
“Ok so I actually brought two suitcases, this time, but my excuse is that I went to Los Angeles for a week, although even that does not really justify hiring two suitcases does it?!
My advice packaging is to focus on light layers that do not take up much space. I always carry a selection of flowing dresses – I have a lot of clothes blacks long with me this year – and something more structured like a swimsuit style 50 years to go under
That was my plan for the dress. all the time he was here until the dust storm has arrived so now I resorted to a pair of high-waisted jeans, a tank top, and this amazing shirt grungy Saint Laurent which is helping to keep me warm. “
beauty must
” After I lost my favorite pair of sunglasses Oliver Goldsmith, my new festival Coachella must be essential for eye drops to get through any sandstorms unexpected! Aside from that, I always have my Kiehls Lip Balm # 1 (£ 9.50), my Nars The Multiple Sticks (£ 29), in ‘St. Barts’ for contouring and ‘orgasm’ for a while ‘color and I also really like Kiehls’ actively Correction & Beautifying BB cream (£ 23.50) as it has the factor 50 SPF that you really need here. “
pass up
“Come evening time, people here really go for a ‘look’. I can never be bothered to do the thing transformation so instead I just play up a feature. For example, last night I went to a brown lipstick on the day of a bright red at night. The day before, I kept the same look to go, I just added a little ‘of mascara. There is an incredible eye cream called Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Under Eye Primer (£ 21), I have always given priority in how big the heat and stops my mascara to go anywhere. A spray of fixing is also great to take you from day to night. I use MAC Prep & Prime Fix + (£ 15.50), because as well as keep your make-up for 24 hours, it cools a little ‘. “
Good to shine
” The thing I like about LA is that you can get as surprising good at stuff. Kale is everywhere! Are lactose and gluten intolerant so I’m in my element here -. Also on site, they have everything
The Earthbar in Los Angeles is literally my favorite place to go and my best advice before and after the festival is to go there and get a shot live E3 – you sort literally life outside. It consists of all this algae live and is absolutely disgusting, but it’s so good for you. You should hold in the mouth as long as possible so that it absorbs through the tongue and hits the bloodstream the fastest. I usually can about a minute, but it just feels like the colors are brighter and your brain is turned on. It ‘also a hangover cure amazing that is good to know for the way home. “


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