Disney Princesses Have Been Immortalised In Lipsticks, And The Colours Are Stunning

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You may not be totally familiar with cosmetics brand LA Splash – it is, as its name suggests, an American label – but we’re sure you’ll have at least heard of the buzz surrounding it over the last few weeks.

The internet went into meltdown after beauty bloggers Stateside revealed LA Splash’s new range of lipsticks, with each one being named after a noteworthy Harry Potter character. We’re talking Hermoine, Hazza (obvs) and even a bright blue number dubbed Severus. Needless to say, the collection sold out at the wave of a wand (sorry) and LA Splash raked in the cash.

After seeing green, the brand has now come up trumps with another lipstick collection that we guarantee is going to have the same effect. Only this time, it has named the lippys after Disney Princesses. That’s right, a Belle-worthy pout can now be yours!

Rather than looking childish and a bit rubbish, the colours are actually stunning. From deep crimsons and ‘90s brown hues to hot pink and full-on, Rihanna-style lilac, every shade is so on trend and super rich in depth.

Once again, it’s proving a huge hit with beauty insiders, and Disney fans are placing orders in their masses. Here’s LA Splash’s Disney Princess range in full…

And here’s what they look like in the flesh…


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We'll take a Nala, Ariel and Evil Queen, stat!


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