Do You Need A Hand Mask Quick Answer Yes

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by: Madeleine Spencer
26 Jan 2018

If you glance at your hands now and the skin on them looks a little on the tired side, the answer is probably yes, you do need a hand mask in your life. And it makes a lot of sense – your hands are (hopefully) washed multiple times daily and are constantly subjected to cold wind and hot heating and are rarely given anywhere near as much TLC as your face.

Don’t get us wrong; good hand creams can really make a difference to condition and can certainly up moisture levels – but often it’s not quite enough. Like the skin on your face, or indeed on lips, you sometimes need a bit of an injection of moisture. A big fat hit of hydration. And hand masks in all their various guises are perfect to offer it.

Before you go and buy one, note two things:

1. You won’t be able to do much while they’re on. This is possibly a good thing if you’re the sort of person who finds sitting down and relaxing a bit difficult. Hand masks make doing anything tricky, so fire up a good show, and kick back while they do their thing.

2. You will look creepy and very possibly be mistaken for someone of sinister character. Our advice? Warn those who’ll witness the gloved version of you – and don’t answer the door to unsuspecting delivery men.

Now you’ve been warned, here are the hand masks we’d recommend you snap up ASAP:

Bliss Glamour Gloves

The inside of these gloves feel like cool jelly – but don’t let that put you off. 20 minutes in them will soften and nourish hands thanks to a blend of ceramides, oils, and vitamin E. Expect them to last for up to 50 uses. 

Available at Look Fantastic | £31.20


Starskin Hollywood Hand Model Nourishing Double-Layer Hand Mask Gloves

Save this one for when your hand needs proper attention; the botanical oils housed in the gloves will render even the driest, flakiest of cuticles soft once more.

Available at Look Fantastic | £8.50


Le Mini Macaron Sweet Mandarin Hand Mask

If you don’t only need a bit of hydration but also have sun spots or pigmentation on your hands, these brightening gloves are the ones for you.

Available at Feel Unique | £4.99


Skimono Beauty Hand Mask For Intense Nourishment

The clue’s in the name: this is the one for you if you’re battling real dryness. The shea butter and hyaluronic acid will both deeply hydrate and provide comfort on the surface of your skin.

Available at Look Fantastic | £9.99


BeautyPro Hand Therapy Collagen Infused Glove

If you truly, truly can’t bring yourself to sit and do nothing, you can still use a hand mask if you buy this one thanks to it being fingerless. Also very handy if you like to do a home mani and want your hands to soak up goodness while you paint away.

Available at Look Fantastic | £4.95


Swiss Clinic Hand Dry Mask

This one costs a little more – but given that you can use it three times and that it is basically face-grade skincare for your hands, we thought it worth consideration. Expect smoother, less stressed-looking hands in 15 minutes. 

Available at Swiss Clinic | £24



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