Donut Walls The Wedding Trend Everyone Is Instagramming

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by: Chloe MacDonnell
2 Jun 2017

Why it’s bye bye to the miniature cupcakes, macarons and cake pops…

We’ve had miniature cupcakes, stacks of brownies, cute cakepops and giant cheeseboards but now the latest wedding trend popping up all over our social media feeds is donut walls. Starting out as many food trends do in New York, the craze for giant walls of glazed donuts is slowly making it’s way over to the UK. Here’s why we’re loving them….

1. They’re easy to make…

You basically just have to create a massive pegboard.

2. Meaning they’re perfect for the DIY bride…

Can you imagine the satisfaction you’ll get from saying ‘Oh I just built it’ when guests ask where it’s from.

Here’s how…

Materials Needed: Pegboard, 10 dowels, ruler, pencil, gloves, hand saw, sandpaper, paint, paint roller and donuts!

Step 1: Lay the pegboard down on a protected surface. Paint and repeat with multiple coats until the color is even.
Step 2: Mark the dowels at 3.5β€³ long.
Step 3: Cut down dowels with the sand saw then sand until smooth
Step 5: Insert the dowels into the pegboard and top with donuts.

3. They’re cheaper than a traditional wedding cake…

You donut even understand how excited we were about our first ever #donutwall 🍩🍩

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This trend is all about impact meaning you can totally get away with buying ring donuts from a supermarket. Serve them as they are or pimp them yourself by adding sprinkles, edible glitter and coloured icing.

4. Or go all out…

Instead of a cake, have a donut wall! #eventsatddn #donutwall #desserts #wedding

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And double stack them. When it comes to sourcing donuts we love Vicky’s Donuts based in East London.

5. They’re total Instabait…

From 90s neon rave to traditioanl farmhouse chic…

7. Just DoNut foget the puns…

You DoNut know how much people will love them!


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