EXCLUSIVE Jared Leto Reveals HOW He Gets That Glossy AF Mane

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by: Josh Newis-Smith
24 Apr 2018

The man with the mane that could launch a thousand ships reveals he, “really doesn’t f**k around with anything,” to look that damn hot at 46 years old…

Jared Leto maybe an Oscar Winner and multi million selling artist as the lead singer of Thirty Seconds but even he makes mistakes – how ruddy refreshing – as our Fashion and Celebrity Director, Josh Newis-Smith found out as he met the super hyphenate …

JOSH NEWIS-SMITH: For me you are hair goals personified – how the hell is it always so glossy?

JARED LETO: I have no idea! I couldn’t even tell you, as I have no idea myself. I take it as a compliment – thank you! I really don’t have glooming rituals. I just think sleep is a really important thing and I really don’t f**k around with anything too much, I am pretty low key when it comes to that kind of stuff. There are no secrets here except good clean living!

JNS: When it comes to dressing you have a very zero f**ks given approach – do you think we can talk in gendered fashion terms any more?

JL: I just think people just wear what the f**k they want to wear. I just don’t think it should matter what gender you are, whatever makes you feel comfortable just wear it!

JNS: Do you feel any sense of pressure that you have to make a political statement in the current climate?

JL: I don’t feel pressure as an artist only as a citizen of the world. As an artist I really do what inspires me and what provokes me. I think we are living in really important times and I think every artist is different. If you want to paint the life of our times then that’s great, that’s beautiful. It’s an admirable thing to put beauty and thought into the world too. Not everyone has a requirement to make political statements however, the choice is really yours.

JNS: You are the ultimate super hyphenate, is that what makes you so darn creative?

JL: I think I learn a lot from the different verticals that I explore and the different disciplines. I love to learn because I am a super curious person and I love to work hard as it gives me the ability to always be working, always be productive and I really appreciate that.

JNS: I would be exhausted if I was so good as you at everything – do you ever just want to dial it down?

JL: I have never really been very good at everything. I fail quite a bit. I am always happy to learn from my failures and my mistakes. I do feel that a rest could be good at some point soon as we have been pushing really hard finishing this album – we have been working on it for five years!

JNS: Is there one ‘failure’ you have learnt from the most?

JL: Absolutely! Every night on stage I have moments that work and moments that don’t. I try to build and grow from those – I think what you do with that failure is what makes the difference.”

JNS: You are quite the front man – how do you go about releasing your inner showman?

JL: I don’t have any tricks to get myself in the zone. I feel very comfortable on stage. I feel like it’s a natural place to make music and share music with audiences around the world. It feels very organic being up there with my brother too, it feels natural having two brothers making music together – it feels very natural now.

JNS: If I had to work with my brother I would kill him – do you ever have any sibling rivalry appearing in the same band?

JL: Our relationship is great. The older we get, the better we get along. We don’t have any time or room in our lives for conflict!

JNS: With a twenty-year long back catalogue which Thirty Seconds To Mars song would you play at your funeral?

JL: Wow – that’s a good question! There are so many that come to mind like City of Angels or Kings and Queens. But the songs that feel really exciting to play these days are Dangerous Night, which is our new single and Walk On Fire, which really feel like the highlight of the shows every night.

JNS: Do you ever feel pressure to replicate success?

JL: There’s always pressure in life and I have an enormous amount of pressure. Its not always fun but it’s an important motivator, it can really get you into action. I do have a lot of pressure to deliver night after night at every single show. I have a lot of expectations myself, too. Both myself and my brother talk about this a lot as we do our best to ensure people have an experience they won’t forget, something that is magical, something that is fun and something that is special!

JNS: Your fans are well and truly ‘in’ – what is your craziest fan experience?

JL: Two nights ago someone came up on stage and proposed to their girlfriend – that is always really touching! It’s a good way to make sure someone says yes, too!

JNS: The visuals are so important to Thirty Second To Mars – why?

JL: The visuals give us context especially with such a loaded album title like, America. They are funny, they are provocative, they are disturbing, they are absurd but when you look at them as a whole they really give a sense of the time and culture that we are living in. They act as a time capsule and if we looked at these in twenty years they would be a reminder of what was going on culturally.

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