Facial tattoos; do you want?

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Anna Sui
may seem more of Phil Mitchell high fashion, but tattoos were on the agenda for AW15 (more precisely, they were all over the faces of the model) and type of loved them. A Anna Sui , make-up legend Pat McGrath used eyebrow pencils and eye color beige to affect Inuit-inspired tribal marks with tape to get those perfectly straight lines.
Manish Arora
Tribal was also the order of the day as well as Manish Arora where make-up maestro Kabuki transformed the models into legions of warrior princesses who he described as “Joan of Arc-meets-Game of Thrones women coming out of battle.”
Thom Browne
Anthony Vaccarello
From cultural markings H inkings cell-block, models Thome Brown sported a single drop against paler than pale skin and make-up artist Tom Pecheux abstract stars on the corner of the eyes of the model Anthony Vaccarello felt like they were well and truly part of the Model faces thanks to the navy liquid liner that he dressed matte black powder for a truly lived-in feel.
But our favorite take on the trend was to Giamba where wonderfully talented Val Garland sent models with ‘Dear’ inspired tattoos blacks and reds in an infinite variety of shapes and patterns. If in doubt, simply asked “what he would do dear?”.
Our take? How temporary landscaping that we are all on it; we will be rocking the face Givenchy bling in Glastonbury , bodysuits DSquared2 come Friday night and nails tattoos Giamba all week, but nothing more stable gives us a serious attack jeebees heebee.


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