Fk It's COLD Beat The Chill In One Of These Puffa Coats

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28 Feb 2018
by: Hannah Lewis

We all know the puffa jacket is back. And there’s no better time then right now to get your hands on one. That’s right, it is ok to wear a duvet in public. Keep warm, kids!

The original 90s puffa jacket was given a shake up at Balenciaga, where they were made oversized and off-the-shoulder. At Stella McCartney, here, models strutted their stuff in long velvet numbers suitable for the evening. It would seem that, for once, designers have thought about the cold, grey and thoroughly soggy reality of a British winter. What could be better than walking around warm and snuggly in a wearable duvet this winter? 

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Here’s hoping the puffa jacket is here to stay. 

So how do you where them? The only thing to remember is they’re not just for walking the dog. A puffa jacket can work with pretty much everything this season. They come in every colourful shade and then some: in hot pink at Marques’Almeida, they can be worn with trousers, a skirt or even a dress; layer sportier puffas over skirts and dresses for a fresh take on eveningwear and off-the shoulder versions over a roll-neck with jeans and trainers for the day. Right now, we’re just wrapping up in ours with a pair of jeans and snow boots to beat this chill. 

Whichever way you wear it you’ll be a happy, chic and flu-free lady!

Here’s our pick of the best puffa jackets for winter 2018.


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