Get Your Glow On With The Beauty Product Du Jour – Ice (Yes, Really)

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Elsa is totes into her ice skincare routine...

Talk to most supermodels and they'll tell you their secret to glowing, runway ready skin isn't a cocktail of super expensive night creams or outlandish sheep placenta facials, nope, it's a lot more simple than that. Yup, the new route to perfectly poreless skin is super cool, sub zero if you will, it's….ice.

Far from just rubbing an ice cube over your face every night before you go to sleep (although most models will tell you that's their failsafe routine), ice is now the most advanced way to help your skin fight old father time.

Used in medicine for hundreds of years to help heal and preserve skin, Cryotherapy (that's cold cure to you and me) is the latest buzz word in the beauty industry (insert every punny phrase from Arnie's ice cold Mr Freeze here).

And the experts are snowballing over themselves to jump on the icey bandwagon stating the benefits of ice include helping to tighten pores, combat wrinkles, and calm, tone and prep skin for applying makeup. Sounds cool, non?

Inevitably, the market has followed suit, with beauty products harnessing the chilly power of ice popping up all over the place. With everything from ice rollers and serum cubes to products that actually work better when cold and the cooling ingredients your skin will thank you for, ice is officially our go-to wonder product.

TOP TIP: Running an ice cube across your face before you go to sleep can help to refresh and de-puff skin. Our tip? Combine your your favourite toner with the de-puffing process by freezing it into ice cubes. Two birds, one stone as they say…

Our Top Five Ice Cool Products

1. The Ice Roller

Pretty much exactly what they say on the tin, ice rollers have been popular in Asia for a while now (let's be honest, are we surprised they got there before us?). The handheld tool is filled with water and gel and helps reduce skin's inflammation after a facial. Just roll it across your face after your usual skincare routine to help delay wrinkle formation and reduce blemishes as well as cooling you down. Post-workout, this is the one.

TRY: Hansderma's SkinCool Ice Roller – they don't stock in the UK yet but they ship internationally.

2. The Ice Globe

A little weirder looking than the ice roller, the ice globe looks essentially like a blue lightbulb. Use like the roller over your face to help lymphatic drainage after you apply your serum and moisturiser. Just be careful, they're made of glass so break super easily. Not one for the clumsy ladies out there.

TRY: Allegra Magic Globes for Redness Soothing , Sinus Relief and Headache Relief – again, not stocked in the UK yet, but grab yours on Amazon for less than $40.

3. The Serum Ice Cubes

Ice helps products absorb into skin easier so it makes sense to combine your skincare with ice for the ultimate pore penetration. Cryo serums do just this but constricting the blood vessels of your face which makes skin looks tighter and less red. Just rub one of the ice cubes over your face, neck and décolletage until it melts into your skin.

TRY: Mila Moursi Skincare Cryo Serum/Ice Cube Infusion – yes, another US import. We're sorry!

4. The Eye Coolers

Products that combine active ingredients with cooling ones like aloe vera and yeast extract yield the maximum benefits and have the same wake-you-up effect as ice without needing a freezer. Perfect for when you've had a heavy one but you don't necessarily need the entire office to know.

TRY: Skyn Iceland Firming Eye Gels, £25 (available in the UK, yes!).

5. The Cooling Mask

A key cooling ingredient, when you apply menthol to your skin it produces a chilly sensation that is essentially your body thinking it's cooling down. Clever, right? This helps improve the flow of blood to areas of skin that are thinner and causes a temporary plumping effect. So, exactly what we want. Genius!

TRY: Arctic Ice Crystalline Gel And Masque Duo, £26.24


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