Girlfriend Jeans The Style That Suits Everyone

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by: Hannah Lewis
7 Jun 2017

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Our stylist Hannah Lewis on why the girlfriend jean is the most flattering style on the fashion scene. 

Where would we be without jeans? Once a basic staple, they are now a fashion-forward must-have. The ‘Girlfriend Jean’ has quickly become the cool girl’s staple – but what are they?

While the classic ‘boyfriend jean’ hit the scene in the ’90s, showing off perma-tanned and uber-toned midriffs, and have evolved into the slouchy weekend go-to we know and love, the girlfriend jean is the fresher, more flattering fit on the scene.

First hitting stores last year, the silhouette joined the plethora of (slightly ludicrously named) styles: mom, boyfriend, kickflare… The difference? It’s a classic fit, a bit tighter on the hip, higher on the waist with a straight leg cut.

They’re kind of like the middle ground between your skinny and boyfriend jeans that, if you’re anything like us and trying to wean yourself off skinny styles, is exactly what you’re looking for. It’s not too statement, but a style you can work into your wardrobe and wear for seasons to come.

To avoid them looking like those straight leg jeans you wore as a teenager (and were rather happy to see the back of), make sure they cut just above the ankle – whether it’s where the hem sits or because you’ve rolled them up. They can be styled with everything from shirts and slouchy tees to wearing your dress over them. Yep, it’s the perfect day-to-evening look we are obsessed with right now. We also think they look great with flats and slipper shoes as they show off your ankle and foot (sounds creepy, but trust us, it matters).

So what’s new for this season when it comes to the GF style. Inspired by the denim powerhouse Vetement, we can’t help obsess over Mango’s two-tone panelling and MiH’s seriously raw hems. Feel free to also cut your own hems off too, and we’re actually giving you double points if you can cut a stepped-hem.

You’ll be pleased to know they are everywhere. Whilst the likes of Gap and Levi’s will put ‘the girlfriend’ label on them, most other stores, like Zara and MiH, won’t use the actual term – it’s something you’re just going to have to spot. But fear not, we’ve hunted them all down for you in our easy-to-shop edit below. Whether you want to spend £30 or £300, we’ve got it covered.


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