Glitter Partings 101 How To Rock The Most Dazzling Festival Hair

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by: Ava Welsing-Kitcher
29 Jun 2017

So you’ve got your pastel tips and your best attempt at boxer braids ready to rock Lovebox, but something’s missing. You need a bit of dazzle, but it needs to be easy with zero risk of smearing all over your clothes and coating everyone dancing around you. Enter the glitter parting. In the latest addition to our Beauty To Go: Festival series, we’ve broken down how to get a complete hair look for festival season, with an added touch of glitter that’s low-maintenance and zero fuss.

Holly from Lockonego, the award-winning Chelsea salon whose stylists are pretty much the connoisseurs of glitter partings, told us just how to master them.

Choose your base. “Plaiting the hair is always an easy base to work on, as the hair is secure in place and your parting won’t shift throughout the day and the night,’ says Holly.

Glue it down. We used hairspray for this, but Holly says layering it with Vaseline also works well. “Paint Vaseline along the parting with an old foundation brush, then spray hairspray over the top of each glitter layer.”

Mix it up. This is where it gets fun. Holly’s a fan of layering different sizes and textures to get an artful splash of shimmer: “Chunky glitter or sequins on top of a finer glitter or shimmer dust gives dimension and more of an editorial vibe.” Start from largest to smallest to help those big boys really stick, then finish with something iridescent to really catch the light.

Top tip: “If you feel like adding some extra oomph, apply some powder pigment to your parting before any glitter to give your look a bit of depth,’ advises Holly. Either get matchy-matchy with your glitter colour, or opt for contrasting or metallic hues to really make it pop.

Lock it in. Finish with a final blitz of hairspray and you’re festival ready.


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