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by: Madeleine Spencer
30 Dec 2017

This week is an odd time, physically and psychologically. Nothing is happening: work has mostly ceased, sugar has become a major dietary food group, extra pockets of fat have started to make themselves known. Things feel… quiet, empty. And there’s nothing wrong whatsoever with that; it’s a great antidote to the year and, if you’re anything like me, a necessary week of total gluttony and relaxation – and a handy bookend before January kicks off and 2018 starts to turn its great wheels of industriousness again. 

But while I choose to fully relax into the blank arms of this week and allow myself some much-needed respite from the business of being busy, I’ve realised that here lies a unique opportunity to reinstate the beauty practises that serve me well during the year. To take stock of what I’ve been ignoring (split ends, cracked callouses, dry knees), and to stock up on the things that will sort them out. Here’s my quick beauty SOS check list of the most common issues around this time of year – and what I’d recommend buying if you want to join me in doing a bit of a body MOT or where you can go if you need a more serious helping hand… 


Booze and sugar = puffy face and pallidness. If you go back to your usual habits, it’ll subside in time, but if you want to speed things up, incorporate a stimulating and draining massage into your routine. 

Use: Nurse Jamie UpLift Facial Massaging Beauty Roller, £55. Use it after cleansing to really get blood pumping around your face before you apply serum, making sure to roll in small motions towards the lymphs that sit behind your ears. 

Get professional help: Su-Man Hsu gives a seriously brilliant facial massage that’ll eliminate tension and excess fluid from your face in an hour.


This isn’t a Christmas-specific issue, but rather one that I notice more around this time of year because I am more likely to release my feet from tights and stick them into sandals and then realise that they are really completely and utterly gross. The answer? Exfoliation and a whack of moisture.

Use: Margaret Dabbs Foot File, £24, to slough off dead skin on dry feet weekly, and try to apply moisturiser every night (pop on socks afterwards if you need some real TLC). I like Margaret Dabbs Intensive Treatment Foot Oil, £22. 

Get professional help: A Margaret Dabbs Medical Pedicure is the best one for neglected feet, while I recently had a Cheeky pedi in their Topshop branch with a brilliant pedantic painter of toes called Leon, who made my feet look much better.


A zone of their own independent of feet because legs that have been tucked under tables inactively while the other end of you is engaged in imbibing and ingesting all day tend to be puffy. The trick here is to stimulate them, by moving or by brushing them with a firm body brush in the direction of your heart.

Use: Legology Cellu-lite Salon Secret for Legs, £55. Take a few drops of this oil and massage it into legs, starting at the ankle and working up to hips. If you want to supercharge your circulation, drop the oil onto a body brush and brush it up your legs. 

Get professional help: Guam Duo Seaweed Mud Wrap at Urban Retreat, £95 for 75 minutes. This treatment involves cryotherapy and some serious massage to help instantly smooth and tighten skin on legs. 


When going between indoors and outdoors, central heating and freezing winds, hair suffers as much as skin. To combat frizziness and get back shine, the key is to smooth cuticles and inject moisture.

Use: eSalon Glass Act Shine Glaze, £18. Containing marine extract to smooth cuticles, this treatment restores glassy shine and will also pep up your colour while at it.

Get professional help: Kerastase Fusio Express treatment at Hare & Bone, £15. This speedy shot is added to your hair during the washing process and can be tailored to suit your hair bugbears. 


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