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Lily Collins Thick HD Brows

ever felt like your eyebrows just do not want to grow with the flow? This is because not all born equal eyebrow – they come in all shapes and sizes which means a look Instagram does not necessarily fit all.

You have eyebrows like … Lily Collins

First of all, you’re in luck! You have a lot of play. Your eyebrows are big, thick and if left to themselves may have a tendency to go all Frida Kahlo monobrow on you. Fuller eyebrows need manicures and there is an art making them look like neglected and undisciplined as Lily. Define the arc using only Sourcils Cream Gel Lancome and then brush the inside corners upward and inward.

Fan Bing Bing Straight Brows Curved

You like eyebrows … Fan Bing BING

You eyebrows rainbow (no color, of course, shape), even if your actual individual hairs are very fine and straight. This type face is really super easy to fill in a subtle way with a powder gray or taupe (avoid brown-based red), but persuade the hair to do anything but lie flat is a nightmare. Try brushing Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper & Hair Touch Up , upwards through the eyebrows for a little ‘oomph and hold.

Freida Pinto how to do thin brows

You have eyebrows like … Freida Pinto

is over-plucked is not it? We told you not to! Well good news for you a thin eyebrow can look wonderfully elegant and more walkways (especially Prada SS15) provide that the appearance Jean Harlow is coming round again. Finding a good fit is even more important when your eyebrows are thin. The best tool on the market is shaping the new double-ended Browcomb tweezers from Eyelure (£ 12.50). Clare Garner, the resident Eyelure Brow Expert recommends using a stencil to mark the desired shape you as a safeguard before you start plucking.

Jada Pinkett Smith Wiry Thick Brows

You like eyebrows … Jada Pinkett Smith

Your eyebrows are rough and a bit ‘shaggy that can make them difficult by brushing in a perfect arc. When you run them brush up they end up looking a bit ‘patchy. Whatever you do, do not delete them or wax pieces. ‘With thicker hair forehead, eyebrow make-up is particularly important’, explains founder Shavata Shavata Singh, ‘as eyebrows are often fragmentary and make eyebrows look thicker and fuller. Pencils are ideal for women who want to draw in a form -. I recommend my Double Ended Pencil to fill in any gaps’

Or, if you have a shaky hand, why not check with New construction A service of Blink Brow. Their experts of the front insert (natural) seeking individual hairs of the face in a similar way to the semi-permanent eyelashes. It means abandoning the eyebrow pencil for at least two weeks. Result. A set costs £ 60 and lasts half an hour.

If after all this you still want eyebrows like Kim Kardashian maybe our expert Jess Lacey in the video below you can speak out of it ….


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