How Dolce & Gabbana Invented The High Fashion Selfie

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Nowadays runway shows are all about who can tweet first.  The front row battle to fire out the first Flipagrams, Vines and Instagrams and beauty journalists, bloggers and brands give us immediate photographic access to all the behind the scenes happenings.  Most shows are now live streamed and this season Burberry even ran their first live backstage beauty tutorial with lead make-up artist Wendy Rowe in association with Sephora.
This weekend in Milan, Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce took fashion week social sharing to a new level.  They actually sent their models sashaying and selfie-ing down the runway with iPhones (encased in bling Dolce & Gabbana cases of course…) Whether it was aimed as an amusing parody to the selfie obsessed fashion industry or simply meant to celebrate beauty and the digital generation, who’s to say.  The selfies taken were projected onto giant screens on the runway and were instantly searcheable on instagram via the official hashtags #DGselfie, #ITALIAISLOVE, or #dolcegabbana.


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So what does this mean for us normal folk?
Well, when the average 16-25 year old woman spends more than 5 hours a week taking selfies according to One Poll for, like it or not selfies are big business.  A firm fixture in the millennial’s life (thats' us btw), selfies are a key part of the future consumer's behaviour – a fact that most designers are all too aware of.

So how did the models get selfie ready?

Applied by Pat McGrath and her team, D&G's choice of makeup was the customary Italian Femme Fatale eye flick with glowing skin and velvet cushion lips. The skin was bronzer free but warmed instead by a rosy blush over the apples of the cheek and McGrath framed the eyes with little black flicks and mascara: ‘it’s all about the joy of holidaying in Italy’.

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Could Italian Holiday skin be the perfect selfie make-up then?

It’s certainly simple enough for non models and mere mortals to recreate.  But the main difference between the Dolce make-up look and the Kardashian-esque heavy natural that plagues social media is the distinct lack of contouring and lip enhancers (well, other than a dab of creamy peach pink lipstick).
Make-up formulations and technologies within cosmetics are getting better so it’s easier to look good on the spot with less make-up on. For example, MAC’s Lightful C Tinted Cream, £25.50 can reduce redness and hyper pigmentation as well as boosting skin's radiance as the day goes on, reducing the size of pores and contains a protecting SPF.  Now that’s holiday selfie ready!


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The great array of selfie apps that are available also mean we can be selfie-assured with less slap on, although what they're doing to our sense of reality remains undecided…  You can now change the tone or texture of your skin at the click of a button and some apps, like Facetune, allow you to photoshop your bone structure radically.  

They're so convincing that many young women are using them to digitally “try on” cosmetic surgery procedures.  Considering rhinoplasty?  Facial morphing apps can be helpful when looking at your nose in profile but they need to be taken with a pinch of salt says BAAPS member Dr Charles Durrant.  ‘They don’t give any idea of volume or how the tissue reacts.  Remember it’s a party gimmick only.’


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So what are the most popular #Selfie apps and what do they do?
FACIE (£2.99)  One of the best apps for smoothing out your undereye bags.  You can choose between options of ‘fresh eyes’, ‘divine light’ and ‘crisp detail’.
FACETUNE (Free) The best for playing around with your bone structure – although be warned you need to put in some practice if you want to keep it looking subtle.
SELFIE EDITOR (Free) Their tagline is ‘Transform yourself from simple to #Stunning’ and the app can be used to alter your figure as well as your face.  Bigger or smaller. Not good for the self esteem.
VISAGE  LAB (Free)  Check out the ‘skin make-up’ tool and the ‘shine remover’ button – like having your own make-up artist.


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