How To Do The New Toe Nail Art (Just In Time For Your Summer Hols)

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How To Nail… The Colour

Nervy Beginner –  ‘Bold colours work well on toes, so go for anything from bright pastels through to Mugler s/s 2016- style navy blues,’ says nail expert Adam Slee.

Total Pro – Try your hand at ombre. ‘It’s actually way easier to do on your toes than your fingers because you’re working with a larger canvas,’ says Slee. ‘Use a small make-up sponge and paint two colours on to it before dabbing directly on to the nails.’ Go for dark pink at the base blending to light pink at the tip for a look with serious pizazz.

Steer Clear Of… nude shades. ‘Even the most attractive feet are rarely beautiful,’ says Fashion Week’s hottest manicurist Marian Newman, ‘Nude shades might be chic, but only go there if you’ve got pretty feet and perfect toe nails.’

Try… Nail Polish in Suburban Warrior, £19, Smith & Cult

How To Nail… The Design

Nervy Beginner – ‘My go-to look is just a simple line of four Swarovski crystals along the base of the big toe on top of dark green varnish,’ says founder of WAH Nails Sharmadean Reid. ‘It always makes me feel like Sharon Stone in Casino.’ Use a gel-effect top coat, and while it’s still wet press the crystals on. It’ll hold them in place and won’t dull their shine. #pedigoals.

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Total Pro – Channel your inner RiRi with a henna-style design. Celeb manicurist Jenny Longworth explains, ‘Use a dotting tool dipped in black varnish to make dots on your nail then, using a liquid eyeliner, extend the design from your nail on to your foot.’

Steer Clear Of… getting too matchy-matchy. ‘Avoid matching fingers and toes, it’s naff!’ says Reid. Amen to that.

Try… Nail Polish in Metallic Khaki No.202, £15, Burberry

How To Nail… Not f***ing it up

Nervy Beginner – ‘Lay a sheet of newspaper on the floor and sit on the sofa before painting your toes – the lower seat makes it easier to reach your feet,’ says Reid.

Total Pro – ‘Try applying your polish sideways, left to right across the nail. You’ll end up with much neater edges than painting them bottom to top,’ says Longworth. If that’s not a nail game changer, we don’t know what is.

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Steer Clear Of… glitter nail varnish. Unless you want nail art that lasts for the entire summer, that is. ‘Glitter polish lasts and lasts, so it needs a bit of removing,’ says Newman. ‘Hold a cotton pad soaked in nail varnish remover on your toe for a good ten seconds to get rid of it.’

Try… Express Nail Polish Remover Pot, £8, Nails Inc

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