How to Get Oscar hair Emma Stone At Home

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If you were busy getting some beauty sleep, rather than looking to the Oscars the early hours of this morning (sensible choice) then leave to get up to speed with the hair style that was well and truly steal the show.

From Amy Adams Chrissy Teigen, Bombshell curls were all on the red carpet. The woman whose hair is really good and wanted to steal (and whose photos we are ready to take to our hairdresser) was Emma Stone, who is immersed in the atmosphere of old Hollywood hair.

Want to get the look but do not have a stylist for celebrities (or any designer) at hand? Well, fear not. We pulled out our box of tricks to bring the council needs to know to channel the look of Emma.

conditioners SOS
This style is all expensive, locks healthy appearance, and to recreate this is necessary to mount the hair in optimal conditions. To do wonders overnight try Hair Repair of Sachajuan (£ 23 ). This style has no need of any volume in the upper part of the head, so as to take your conditioning treatment up to the roots to push to the maximum gloss.

best friend Curl
look of Emma asks curls to be as big and as uniform as possible. Use a large barrel curling iron as the parlor soft waves Wand from BaByliss (£ 40 ). Since this is a curl precise and structured, divide the locks in the sections with clips, so take big chunks of hair and be sure to curl each one is in the same direction.

Keep flyaways at bay
Once your hair is combed to perfection, the next step is to hold everything in place. Before using the heavy hand with a firm-hold hairspray. Then tame any flyaways using a serum-frizz busting, love of Kérastase Nutrive Oléo-Relax Smoothing Serum (£ 15.60, ). End performing any product residue left in the palms of your hands on the roots for extra shine and hold.

Put a pin in it
A deep side parting is the basis of things to do Emma. Unless this is the way you wear your hair every day, then you will need more support in order to achieve this dramatic separation. Pull the braids on one side of the head and the neck of the pin using bobby pins that match the color of the hair.

Take it to the next level
For an added masculine cut that will keep your outbreak trend style, go for a wet look finish (take inspiration from the Inbetweeners). For a super combed back fringe using a gel like Styling Gel effect of wet VO5 (£ 3.15, and make sure to concentrate the product to the root, rather than the ends so that your curls are not weights . Et voila.


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