How To Get Pugh's Next Level Smokey Eyes

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by: Madeleine Spencer
17 Feb 2018

Like a smokey eye but not a fan of having do spend ages perfecting angles and tidying edges? You are going to love the look Val Garland created for the AW18 Gareth Pugh show this evening because it basically channels all the fun and sexiness of a smokey eye but without any of the painstaking application process.

And the good news doesn’t end there. Rather than use a plethora of make-up brushes to stroke on powder shadow, Val grabbed a sponge and stroked and dabbed pigment on, meaning you can definitely recreate the vibe of this one at home without needing any special expertise – just apply yours with a sponge with a flat edge, and press and pull your eyeliner out to fray the edges.

We obviously don’t expect that you’ll go quite as far as VG; after all, Pugh is hardly known for restraint and LFW is a place of excess – but in essence, this look is pretty much your ideal night out eye make-up if you take it down a notch. Here’s how to do an at home version that you can easily customise to suit your face and eye shape:

1) Take an eyeliner kohl in either black, brown, or navy, and draw horizontal strokes around your eye. Don’t be too precise.

2) Next, take a sponge and smudge the edges out until you feel comfortable with the finish.

3) Load up with mascara. Yes, they often skip lashings of it backstage, but IRL, you want a decent whack of the stuff to enhance eyes.

4) If you want to be fully faithful to the look, you’ll also need to grab a gloss (of the lip or eye variety) and buff at the edges with it for a hint of shine and to further lend it an undone finish.


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